Hello Font Fixationists!

I've said it in our Facebook group (Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends https://www.facebook.com/groups/FontFixation/ ), but I should also say it here: we are sending you all of our love, well wishes, hopes, good vibes, safety, prayers, finger crosses, all the things to you and all of your family and friends in these crazy times. Our hope is that everyone is safe, sane, and stamping now and through this scary mess. 

What are we doing in this time? Honestly? We are taking everything in stride, living one day at a time, just like many of you, I'm sure. The guys are hard at work (at least 6ft apart, more like 10-15 feet apart), programming -- machining -- blasting -- packaging -- shipping stamps -- in addition to making as many face shields as we can for our local hospital. With your stamp purchases, Brian was able to purchase more 3D printers and supplies, and he's been hard at work with the guys partnering with his local hospital on their most requested face shield designs and getting the real heroes (the doctors, nurses, and staff) the protection they need to keep us alive.

And while the guys are saving lives, from all the way across the country, I'm doing my best to keep the rest of us sane. By planning these weekly-mini-launches, I'm hoping that we are bringing you a momentary break in your new routine of panic and fear and home schooling, and maybe day drinking (hey, no judging here!)  --- and bring you a slight ray of sunshine and inspiration. Something small to look forward to each week, keeping the prices low, keeping the number of stamps launched small so we can get one or two of something we really want or need at the best pricing of the year. And while we're at it, trying to keep the stamps we're launching light, fun, and silly at times :) Hence, goat yoga :) 

Many of you have commented YAY on the "Should We Do A Facebook Live" post in the group -- and so I have scheduled one for this April 8th at 10am Eastern Time :) Commiserations, right? :D I'm looking forward to "seeing" you there!

So in closing, please know that we think of all of you, whether you are ordering or not, and we are sending you and your family all of our love and well wishes that you stay safe in these mad, mad times. May this craziness end soon for all of us, all over the world, and may we all make it safely to the other side and resume normal life as soon as possible. Much love, Fixationists. Much, much love.