(posted in our Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends Facebook group)

Stephanie and I have been overwhelmed with messages today asking questions regarding licensing of stamp usage. I am going to turn off commenting on this, as it is not a discussion that is likely to be had without running with scissors.

When I first made stamps I had no clue about licensing, but the first one I made was 'Free for commercial use'. Pretty clear to me that covered me... and anyone with a pulse. Later fonts required paid 'commercial use' and I was HAPPY to pay it. Then we realized not all font makers agree with the terms of purchase from the places that sell their fonts, and frankly could not have been getting paid enough at the prices we were being charged.

We may be within the rights and contract of our purchase but it's not necessarily right with the font maker, so we began contacting them directly. Many of the makers of the fonts we used to make the stamps HAVE A SET of their own :) What on earth is cooler than using someone's font to make stamps and SENDING THEM a set ❤ They work HARD to make these fonts and without them my guys are unemployed and dog has no food. We work hand in hand with our makers that require paid commercial license, link to some of their sites, and even have gotten discounts for YOU to purchase the actual font (for use on your computer). It's not always possible to get a hold of the maker, in those cases we stand by the purchasing site contract and fine print.

Many of the font makers we have contacted didn't know how to price/cover you the stampers. Others were baffled and said a standard license would obviously cover people using the physical products as those are not the font/digital, others wanted a large percentage of every sale we ever made for that font. There is no standard. It's all over the board.

We have passed over MANY MANY MANY fonts we loved simply because I wasn't willing to charge you all enough or track and report every single sale every quarter for tons of fonts. We have passed over others because there was simply no way to work a deal with the maker. We are BLESSED to have the relationships we do with the makers of many of our fonts and look forward to finding more and more amazing and talented folks who create the things we can provide to amazing and talented stampers who provide things to end customers.

If you have ANY questions PLEASE message Stephanie Boyle. We do not want to open a dialogue on a public forum that is likely to result in negativity toward something we are not involved with #dontrunwithscissors