Can I add on to my order?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer add-on orders. All orders you place are their individual, separate order. 

Here's why:

For the guys in the shop:

  • When you place your order - each order goes in line.
  • We run reports that show which stamps are needed in the line order.
  • We may need to manufacture stamps to meet these orders in line.
  • When an add-on order comes in it alters the inventory of the orders in the line ahead of the add-on order.
  • All of these things delay shipping for everyone most of the orders after your initial order number. 
  • In addition, if the guys have already started working your initial order, and you add on to it, it creates the potential for errors in shipping.

For the actual cost of shipping:

  • We determine the cost of shipping based on the weight of the box they ship in.
  • If you add-on to an order at a zero cost for shipping, you are adding to the weight of the box without covering the cost to ship it.  

For you:

  • Not adding-on to or combining orders means that we are able to focus our shipping department on maximizing efficiency and that means we are able to get orders out much faster. 
  • It also means that each of your orders will be individually tracked when it they are shipped. 

While this was a service we were able to provide in the past, the number of orders we receive weekly has increased to such a level, that focusing on shipping the orders as they arrive has become imperative to our team. We are working super-duper hard to maximize efficiency in our shipping department and get orders out to you amazing customers as quickly as possible. Thank you for understanding!