Can I add on to my order?

Yes -- but you may want to consider cancelling your order, getting a store credit applied, and placing  a new order. Here's why:

  • When you place your initial order, you may have qualified for a tier discount of 10%, 15%, or 20% off your entire order.
  • When you "add on" to your order, you will not be getting that tier discount on your second order that you received with your initial order-- it is only applied to your original order. We do not retroactively go back and math out your secondary tier discount. 
  • If this discount is important to you, then you will want to email us at, asking us to refund your initial order (please give us your order number), having us apply store credit to your account (so we don't have to wait the 5-7 business days for most credit card refunds to process), and then placing a new order only paying the balance of the add-ons.

Why is this a good/bad thing?

  • Good thing: you are getting your tier discount the way you had hoped and intended when you placed your initial order.
  • Bad thing: you are now placing a new order, which means you are further back in the shipping queue. In a time of New Releases, or July Birthday Sale, or End of Year Sale -- this is a big deal. Cancelling your order and placing a new one could mean the difference in a month or more wait for your order.

If you do not mind skipping out on the tier discount for your secondary, tertiary orders -- here's what to do to place an add on order that we will combine into your first order: 

If the sale is STILL ACTIVE, you are welcome to add on to your order using the shipping method "PICK UP IN STORE". This will waive your shipping cost for all add-on orders. 

You will need to email us at and tell us the order numbers you wish to combine. 

Your second, third, fourth, however many orders, will ship WITH YOUR FIRST ORDER. It will not delay shipping.

If you place an order AFTER the sale ends, we cannot combine your order and your secondary order(s) will ship separately and independently from your sale order AFTER all sale orders have been shipped.

For current shipping times on those orders placed late after the sale, please contact us. 

Head's up! Your orders will be combined into your first order number, so that means you will not receive shipping notifications from us about your extra-add-on-orders. They will all be shipped with the first order number.


Why can't I combine AFTER the sale ends if you haven't shipped my order yet?

During any sale, we allow Add-On Orders. This allows you to place multiple orders throughout the sale, and add on to your original order as many times as you want, waiving the additional fee.

When the sale ends, all orders placed AFTER the sale has ended can no longer be added on to sale orders, and will ship separately and independently from sale orders. 

The reason for this: if we kept adding on to orders after the sale was over, we'd never get through the sale orders. Our sales are announced long in advance and last for several days to give everyone the opportunity to place all their orders. We feel it is most fair to honor all orders and ship them in as best of a timely manner as possible for us to machine hundreds of thousands of stamps, and send them on their way to their new home. Adding on to orders post sale makes this shipping time extend, which isn't fair to everyone. 

Thank you for understanding. :)