Black Friday Sale 2022


❤ Good morning, Fixationists! I have the details of our Black Friday Vaulting Sale! ❤

There is now a page up top on our website called "BLACK FRIDAY SALE!" and it has a ton of information on it. 

Here what is CRITICAL to know:

  • The sale starts at 10AM ET on Black Friday, November 25th and will run THROUGH Cyber Monday, November 28th. It is 20% off all fonts being vaulted on these pages, ON TOP of tier discounts!

  • The sale pricing will automatically total ON THE CART PAGE when the sale is active.

  • These fonts will all be vaulted and some may make periodic appearances during future un-vaultings. These un-vaultings will be a surprise!

  • SHIPPING will be in ORDER of ORDER NUMBERS! That means this could be a lengthy shipping time, and **could** take up to a few weeks to ship your order, depending on where you are in our order queue. Please be patient with us, we just as super eager to ship your order as you are to receive it ❤

  • PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDER FOR DUPLICATES! We will assume you have placed the correct quantity the first time, and will not be sending out emails to verify your orders. ❤

  • Orders placed BEFORE the sale and AFTER the sale will ship out of order from the Black Friday Sale orders. This way people who order emergency or non-sale items can get their orders in our regular shipping time estimates, and not have to wait for all the Sale orders to ship.❤ That's it!! I'll be right here with you during the start of the sale on Black Friday, so you aren't alone!! ❤

My Two Cents:

** If we are vaulting a font you are in love with and have planned to get, THIS will be the time to get it! We have no schedule of what/when fonts will make a return, and they will not be on this MEGA sale when they do ❤

** Yes, replacement stamps will be available for all fonts being vaulted. 😉

** If you are a new stamper just starting out and have been wanting to get some fonts, but you aren't sure which fonts to get, my suggestion would be to stick to the FOUR TYPES OF FONTS blog post and get something to fill each category you are lacking! FUN, FEMININE, MASCULINE, NEUTRAL: READ THAT BLOG HERE

** I will update the master font list AFTER the Black Friday sale so we will have a current running list of fonts ❤ You may have noticed I haven't updated it in a few launches, and this is why!

❤ YOU GOT THIS! If you love it, and have a use for it, now is the time and this is the price to snag it ❤