Why Some & Not Others

Why do we choose the designs and fonts we do, and not others? 

As a design and font stamp making company, we get a huge list of requests people hope we tackle. So many amazing ideas for designs and fonts in stamp form -- and we consider every single request as we are planning our year of launches. But there ARE some times where a request doesn't align with our core values, and/or promises we've made to stampers over the years. 

Sometimes there is a design or theme that we've chosen not to make because it goes against a promise or moral code we feel strongly about. I've been spending a LOT of time understanding cultural appropriation and the weight of potentially profiting off themes that are **intended** to CELEBRATE culture, but instead dilutes the most fantastic and important attributes of it.

In fact, I spent hoursssssss yesterday trying to find a way to celebrate Indigenous People and Native American cultures, and when I got down to it, there is no way that we can make Aztec/Western designs without crossing a moral line. We always try to stand firmly on the side of what is "right" and "good" and "love", and I wish I could say that these themes are ones we could make for you. Unfortunately, the more and more I thought about it, the more I realized that I wouldn't be celebrating these cultures the way I hoped and planned; instead, we would be diluting the tradition and importance of them. I hope you can understand. There truly is no way I can find to honor a culture and people without diluting it, and so we've decided that you will not see those designs from Font Fixation. This same thing goes for anything TIKI related; I've come to learn that Tiki items are cultural appropriation, so we'll be standing back from that design line as well.

Off the moral compass and on to promises we've made -- I've made promises to many stampers over the years who have asked me not to make specific designs that are customs of theirs, and the bread-and-butter to their shops. For these reasons, we will not be making:

Guinea pigs


Uterus stamps -- especially ones with a middle finger

Pinky promise/swear

Hands that are held up to form a heart

ASL Font

And a specific dog bowl design that was sent to me

(a whole host of fonts, too, but that list is long and will go unnamed out of respect for those who requested it)

That's a small list, and I'm sure as the AMAZING family we are, we can all support it and understand <3 That being said, I won't be adding general topics like this to my Do Not Touch list going forward -- just SPECIFIC designs. So if someone asked me not to make a Llama Wearing Sunglasses, I would add that to my list and absolutely never make it -- but we are not putting ALL llamas on the do not touch list -- just the one, specific request. If we are asked to NOT make a Foot With 4 Toes, no problem, but that doesn't mean we won't make feet at all. Ultimately, if you message me PRIVATELY with a VERY specific design to add to the No Touch List, you got it. I can do that and respect your custom for the lifetime of Font Fixation -- But if it's an entire category, like Anatomically Correct Body Parts, I can't say the entire topic will be off limits for our lifetime. Again, previous promises I've made I will stand by -- No worries there! 

I know this was a heavy read, and I'm not super with the heavy stuff, and I'm sorry for that! I know the question has come up a zillion times in the past and I wanted to give a very thorough explanation as to why we might not be covering some very popular designs. Also, it's way easier to copy/paste this link to people who ask the question going forward. I'll be adding this post as a blog on the website so it can also be referenced there.

Thank you for reading and (hopefully!!) understanding! We appreciate each one of you!!