End Of Year Sale 2021

What an exciting year it has been!! This year we launched so many new designs and fonts, and hit so many milestones for our little brand of metal stamps, we are amazed we were able to cram it all into one year! Our growth this year has been unprecedented, and it is ALL THANKS to ALL OF YOU. Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Be sure to read everything -- all the way to the bottom -- for all the details you need to know for success this sale season!

The details for this End Of Year Sale for 2021 are as follows:

  • The sale will run from 7AM **PT** on 12/30/21 thru 01/02/2022 (11:59 PM **PT**) 

    no coupon or code necessary.

  • The items on the NEW RELEASES page will be 10% off PLUS Tier Discounts, thru the End Of Year Sale. 

  • End Of Year Sale Tier Discounts subtotals:

  • $0 - $299 = 10% off

  • $300 - $499 = 20% off (Qualifies for FREE GIFT when your pre-shipping total is $300+ after discounts!)

  • $500 - $999 = 25% off (Qualifies for FREE GIFT!)

  • $1000 + = 30% off (Qualifies for FREE GIFT!)

  • The site will automatically deduct the New Releases discount and the tier discount from the discounted amount. An example of this: 
    Stamp set is $200.
    New Release Design stamp is $27 before the 10% off for the New Release discount.
    This qualifies for 10% off. 
    The stamp set is now $180.
    The design stamp is $27 minus 10% for New Releases discount, then minus 10% for tier discount, making the design stamp $21.87.
    The site will calculate all of this automatically. If you double check the math, please make sure you are remembering to deduct the New Releases discount from the full price of the new release item, THEN the new tier discount. 

  • End Of Year Sale Order Shipping: 

    These orders will be shipped in roughly the order they are received. Exceptions to this would be if an order after yours has all necessary items to ship, and your order is still in the process of machining items that are not in the subsequent order(s) to ship. We are working tirelessly and as expeditiously as possible to get all orders out as quickly and accurately as possible. These orders could take several weeks or longer to ship.

  • Orders placed AFTER the End Of Year Sale:

    These orders may ship within 1-3 weeks from order date, and out of order from End Of Year Sale purchases, as inventory becomes available. Due to the high number of parts in process at all times, we cannot and will not be providing inventory checks. 

  • Shipping Updates:

    Shipping updates will be provided every weeknight (or next weekday morning) in our Facebook Group, Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends. Due to the inability to be tethered to the computer while we are making and shipping orders in the workshop each weekday, we will not be providing shipping updates via email. We ask that you join the Facebook Group and check the pinned post at the top of the group page for an estimate of when your order may ship. This will be the only place we announce shipping updates. Please scroll down to the most recent comment in the EOY SALE SHIPPING post to see the most current shipping update.

  • Our next site-wide sale:

    We have two site-wide sales annually: July and December. If you miss the December End Of Year Sale, have no fears, we will have another in July! 

  • When is our next launch?

    We will resume launching new, exciting, and highly requested design stamps and fonts the MOMENT we have completed the End Of Year Sale orders and our shipping slate is wiped clean! This could be February or March, depending on how long it takes us to process all the End Of Year Sale orders.

  • Should I order throughout the year at New Release Launches, or save up for annual, site-wide sales?

    We know it isn't feasible to order everything, every launch, all the time. We have designed our launches to be the absolute best pricing we offer (if you hit the top tier discount level) during the New Release Launches. This way you won't have to wait for an annual sale to get the designs and fonts you need and want immediately. 

    That being said, sometimes you need to table a font or design stamp into your Wish List and wait for the right time to buy - and our annual sales are the best opportunity to get the SECOND best pricing of those items (if you hit the top tier discount). 

    Because so many stampers take the site-wide sales to stock up on Wish List items they've saved up throughout the year, shipping times can be quite lengthy. We usually advise stampers to GET WHAT YOU NEED BEFORE THE ANNUAL SALE... and get your wish list items you don't mind waiting for AT the annual, site-wide sale. Stampers who order at sale time are ordering for the sale price - NOT the immediate need. 

    This is a best practice we strongly advise every year at launches and sale times. 

** All the way to the bottom **

1. Free gifts this year are from our amazing friends and partners in the industry! We selected these partners because of the quality of supplies they provide, their incredible customer service, and because goshdarnit, they are amazing brands and super great friends. #GoSmallBusiness !!

Keychain Supplies

Birds Eye Blanks


2. Most importantly of all - please remember this one thing - whether you are able to purchase no things, one thing, or allthethings, we appreciate you just being HERE, NOW, with us. Do not weigh your heart down or be discouraged if you cannot play this sale season; there is nothing sad about getting inspiration for next year! Spend the holiday making a plan for 2022 that involves growth, success, and new (un-stolen) ideas!! Remember, it is not the number of stamps you purchase, nor is it about the amount of money you spend. You are here, now, getting inspired right along with us.... and that is WINNING every way we see it. May your holiday be filled with laughter and love from those around you, and may your 2022 be a year of prosperity and growth beyond your wildest dreams. 

Thank you so much, each of you, for being a part of our journey! 

We look forward to stamping with you all 2022!

Stephanie, Brian, Matt, 

and the rest of our shop guys!