Where can I see more examples?

We try our best to cram a ton of examples of fonts and designs into each page of our website, but there may still be times you want to see more, MORE! MORE!!!!! And we get it! You have a big decision to make; how to best invest in your hobby/business, and you want to make SURE you are getting the best thing that will bring you all the happiness and all the dolla-billz returns on investment! Here are some additional, amazing sources of help in this area:

  • I've said it on every page of our website and blog posts, but it's still SUPER important to add again.... Our Facebook group, Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends has SO MANY EXAMPLES by me (Stephanie), and also our amazingly talented stamping community. 

  • When you go to the group, you can perform a search for the font/design you need to see more of and examples will pop up! 

  • Your custom text goes here

    • Did you know you can also email us for examples? Although I prefer receiving private messages through Facebook messenger, you can also shoot us an email and ask to see something specific! Just email: FontFixation@gmail.com and give us the VERY specific request, for example: (Font) (Size) (Case - Uppercase and/or Lowercase) and the (Word) you need to see to help with your visual reference.

    • Let's go back to the Facebook messenger thing real quick -- you can find me in our group under MEMBERS "Stephanie Boyle" or by clicking on my name in the group, going to my personal facebook profile, and clicking on MESSAGE. By messaging me there you can give me the same VERY detailed request and I can fill it there for you, too. 

    • Head's up!! I CANNOT fill requests on specific sizes of metal. I will only be able to fill requests on large pieces of scrap metal that I can then photograph with a ruler for you to see the size, length, or width of your request. Here's why:

      • Every single blank you see on this website comes from Stephanie's out of pocket cost.

      • No blank has been provided for free, or is reimbursed by Font Fixation.

      • Every listing picture, every website example, everything, is all out of pocket cost.

      • Because I cannot ever sell the listing picture examples, or the examples I make for the group, they all become trash.

      • Scrap metal I receive for free. I can stamp on scrap metal for you and measure all the measurements without cost to me.

      • Because this is a very costly part of the website to maintain, I have to put my costs into the website and not requests.

Now you can get all the photos you need and all the examples you desire to make the most educated purchase you have ever made for any stamping tool in all of history! Yay!! Just another way that Font Fixation has your back!