General Sale Information

We have two sales per year: July (dates are always to be determined) and December (usually the last couple of days of the year, into the first day or two of the new year, but again, dates are always to be determined).

But there's SO MUCH MORE to know that just "Font Fixation is having a SITE WIDE SALE!" -- and here's the nitty gritty and insider deets to get you up to speed. Get ready for a Matrix-style data dump into your brains!

  1. The sale is on the ENTIRE WEBSITE!!! This is one of our most anticipated sales of the year!!!
  2. No coupon code needed.
  3. Discounts will automatically apply in your cart depending on your spend level.
  4. This year (2021) our JULY sale will run: JULY 10 and JULY 11 ONLY
  5. The sale will start at: 11:00AM EASTERN (New York) TIME. Please le google your time zone.

Here are your subtotal discounts:

$0 - $299 = 10% off

$300 - $499 = 20% off

$500 - $999 = 25% off

$1000 + = 30% off

  1. Set your clocks/alexa/rooster to your local time zone that matches the 11AM Eastern thing.
  2. Do not place your order early. If your order goes in BEFORE 11AM Eastern, you will NOT get the sale price, and I will not be able to refund and cancel your order in time before the sale.
  3. Orders are shipped IN THE ORDER RECEIVED. I cannot stress this enough -- sale shipping could take weeksssss or monthsss (depending on how many orders we receive and how many stamps there are per order). That means ALL ORDERS PLACED BETWEEN July 10 and (whenever we are caught up on orders) WILL ALL BE IN THE SAME QUEUE.
  4. Please ^^ read ^^ this ^^ again ^^. If we have not finished shipping sale orders by August 15th, your order placed on July 15th will still be in the sale queue. This is because the sale is on the ENTIRE website. While we do our best to have a ton of stuff in stock, it is nearly impossible to psychically connect with all 4k of you amazing stampers across the world through the dense layer of smog in Southern California.
  5. MAKE YOUR WISHLISTS NOW! You don't want to wait until the sale to start adding things to your cart. You want to have your cart READY TO GO so that you submit as early as possible to get higher up in the shipping queue!
  6. I cannot stress this one enough: Whether you spend zero dollars, or all the dollars... whether you get nothing, one thing, or #allthethings, we are JUST HAPPY YOU ARE HERE. Do not stress about not being able to play this sale. We have another sale in December, and if you can't play then either, NO WORRIES. Be here. Be inspired. Worry not. You don't need to spend a penny to be inspired in this Fabulous Font Fixationist Family ❤️
  7. Be sure you are LOGGED INTO your preferred account when you place your order. I cannot retroactively fix this for you ❤️
  8. I'm not sure if there will be a lag when clicking the order submit button, but my recommendation is to only click submit one time.
  9. If you want to spread this order across several payment types, I recommend stacking e-gift certificates IN ADVANCE. The coupon code will be emailed to you asap (check spam/junk) and you can stack them at checkout for your sale purchase.
  10. There are NO add-on orders. Please read our ADD ON ORDER blog post for more info on why we stopped add-on orders. 

Here are some random thoughts from me:

  1. I will have a crisis post in our Facebook group Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends for orders that need my attention. (If you are not in that group, you can email us directly for help at For example, "I ordered two of the same thing by accident" or "I meant to get the 3mm and I accidentally ordered 4mm"... Just add your crisis to the ONE POST I CREATE and I will fix each issue as I go down the comment thread, one at a time. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A POST WITH YOUR INDIVIDUAL CRISIS. Just comment under my Crisis Post thread with your order number and crisis and I will handle it. ❤️ I gotchoo. ❤️
  2. If you need me to cancel your order I can totes-magoats do this... but if you place another order you will be further back in the queue.
  3. Your PAYMENT IS PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY even though your order could take a long time to ship. I know, I'm sorry, that's the way it is. Please plan accordingly. We are not the only company in the world to do this, so please have this heads up -- We have your purchase. We have your order. YOU WILL SHIP!! Just not before someone else who ordered before you. Thank you for understanding. 
  4. Brian will post a spreadsheet in our Facebook group, Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends, under the Topic SALE SHIPPING when sale shipping begins. Shipping happens Monday-Friday, and Brian will update the spreadsheet every weeknight with which order numbers shipped each weekday. He will be super communicative with you all every weeknight and tell you what's going on in the shop, how many orders shipped, if there are any delays due to large orders, etc... So look for his post (when sale shipping begins) and follow down to the bottom of the comments for each weeknight update.
  5. Please plan your shipping method as best you can. You will WANT TO INSURE YOUR ORDER. Especially if you've saved up all year for this sale ❤️ You will want to get it the MOST RELIABLE SHIPPING METHOD TO YOU, not just the cheapest. Please plan for this ❤️ The guys will be feverishly making stamps and to alter your shipping method retroactively could cause confusion and delay in shipping.
  6. We have NO CONTROL OVER: Duty fees. Shipping times once it leaves our shop. What the USPS does with your order. We cannot open a claim for you (you can do this via the USPS website). I know it's frustrating to click to track your order and see it not moving. IT WILL REACH YOU EVENTUALLY, I PROMISE!!! Just maybe at their speed and not ours or yours ❤️ If it has been over 15 days with no movement, LET US KNOW VIA EMAIL. ❤️

Here are some extra thoughts from me to mess with your brain juices and emotions:

  1. There will be a NEW RELEASES SALE July 8 and July 9 on NEW STUFF! This will be the standard 15% off New Releases plus our standard discounts. These orders will begin shipping on the Wednesday following the launch (July 14th).
  2. THE JULY SALE begins July 10th and runs through the 11th. These orders will begin shipping AFTER the New Releases orders ship. This could be several weeks AFTER the the July sale. Heads up -- MANY PEOPLE SKIP THE SALE and order during the New Releases launch so that they can skip the Sale queue.
  4. If you need a stamp NOW, like, as in, BEFORE SEPTEMBER, ORDER IT IMMEDIATELY. There are no "but it's just one stamp, please ship ASAP" requests that we can fulfill during sale shipping. We keep the game as fair as humanly possible, and that is sticking to the shipping queue like a sworn oath.


But don't worry. I'm here to answer any questions you have via email, in our facebook group, via messenger... whatever you need I'm happy to do what I can to help you understand our process and give you all the heads ups you need to be successful in placing your order this sale! xoxo