Hours of Operation and Response Time:

When exactly DO we make all the magic happen? 

  • Our machinists are in the shop Monday thru Thursday (not holidays).
  • Our machinists do not work weekends because it violates California Labor Laws.
  • Because we keep the machine shop small and overlap layers of safety for our employees, all of our employees fill a vital role when they each work together. They cannot have staggered days of work because they are all needed to work together to keep the environment safe.
  • You can expect orders to ship Monday thru Thursday and not on holidays.

When you email us, when should you expect a reply?

  • We ask that you give us (1) business day to respond to emails. If your email is sent on Thursday evening, you can absolutely expect a response from us by the end of Monday. 
  • If more than one business day has passed and you have not heard from us, feel free to send us a follow up message. While most instances point to us looking into the issue before shooting you a reply, a follow up email is totally cool with us. We WILL reply to you, we just ask for the full business day for us to respond.

When you private message us, when should you expect a reply?

  • With Font Fixation growing exponentially over the past year, we ask that you please not privately message us after business hours.
  • Brian works M-T from 8am - 5pm Pacific Time.
  • Stephanie works M-F 7am - 4pm Eastern Time.
  • This overlap in time zones maximizes our ability to respond to your needs, however, we ask that if it is after those hours, you refrain from private messaging us and select to email us instead. As you know, we just need one business day to reply, so your email after hours is appreciated.