Important Update

                           PLEASE READ: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

Earth has been a crazy planet to ride on these last couple years, and a lot has changed in our lives. Our team at Font Fixation has ridden the rollercoaster and managed to keep our lead times and prices down through increases in tooling cost, metal cost, labor cost, supply shortages, pandemics, shut downs, and inflation. Right now we have been waiting 10 weeks for a shipment of metal that has still not come. We, fortunately, kept a HUGE inventory of stamps, raw bars and finished shanks ready to machine for just such a challenge. This has kept us from having to make any significant changes through all the craziness.

This week I was told by our supplier (the largest in the United States) that they cannot guarantee any pricing or lead times for the foreseeable future with no expectations of supply normalcy until next year. Long story short: Russia and Ukraine supply a significant portion of the raw materials for, and finished product of our tool steel. There are other foundries, but those are equally affected in supply and pricing. There are other grades of steel that are either less suited for stamps or cost 5x more and need completely different processes than what we can do.

I have taken every effort to purchase and contract what is available, and that should fulfill our needs for quite some time at a significant increase in cost of material and shipping from 5 different vendors. You can imagine that shipping 2,500 lbs worth of 12 foot long bars from 5 different locations is… yuk. We are going to make the changes that are required for now, and continue evaluating and responding to the market and changing situation. Nothing is permanent, but for now these changes should allow us to continue launching new products and shipping as many orders as possible.

As of Friday May 27th the following changes will take place to allow us to make as many stamps as possible with what is, for now, a limited supply of more costly metal:

1) Teir Discounts will change back to our previous structure:

     a. $300 - $499 = 5%

     b. $500+ = 10%

2) Launch Discount will change from 15% to 10%

3) We will no longer be intentionally stocking any inventory

     - All orders will be machined when received

     - Expected ship time on all orders will be 3-10 business days

     - Some things take longer than others, we will start things in the order received but that does NOT mean they will SHIP in the order received.

     - Our business days will change to Monday – Thursday

     - We will still ship some finished orders on most Fridays, but the machine shop will be closed

We are about to celebrate our 6th birthday at Font Fixation and hope to celebrate many more with the amazing community we are so lucky to support. All challenges become history and this too shall pass. Our hopes are for the supply shortage to inspire more mills to make the smaller tool steel product, perhaps even an American foundry will step up and offer inventory soon. For now we will continue to focus on launching and offering the most fonts and designs at the highest quality imaginable! 

The community has continued to support our small business and we love and appreciate each and everyone one of you!!!