Can Font Fixation file a claim for me?

Sometimes mail gets lost, or gets stuck in an odd loop around the world, picking up scans on its incredible journey.

Here's our policy on lost or missing packages:

If it is GETTING SCANNED -- but stuck in a loop and taking too long to arrive -- we ask that you please take these steps:

  1. Call your local post office.
  2. Call the main 800 number for the main postal service.
  3. File a claim online using the tracking number we sent you in the shipping email

  • We ask our customers to be champions of their shipments and take tracking into their own hands -- because once your order leaves our hands, it is no longer up to us when it arrives.

If your order has STOPPED getting scanned and is LOST:

  1. You must file a claim online with the USPS.
  2. Please wait 5 business days to see if that claim triggers movement on your order.
  3. If not, email us at with your order number.
  4. We will reship your order after verifying it is lost
  5. If your original order arrives after your replacement order, please either refuse it (so that it is shipped back to us), or email us for a "call tag" shipping label so you can send it back to us free of charge.