Can I get this made by another stamp maker?

We go to GREAT lengths to make sure we are licensed to make fonts into metal stamps, and that license extends to YOU, the metal stamper. When you purchase from us you have a 100% guarantee that you are legally covered to make and sell items using our stamps. Not every metal stamp maker out there offers this legal assurance. 

While we'd love to be your metal stamp provider exclusively, we understand that sometimes customers want to have fonts made by another company. 

In this instance, you may notice that some of our fonts have (**) after the font name. This is an indication that this font is made *exclusively by Font Fixation, and that we have signed an exclusivity contract with the Foundry that only Font Fixation can make this particular font into metal stamps or hand stamps. 

If another stamp maker makes this font into a metal stamp font for you, you may be facing some super steep legal battles with the Foundry and their legal teams. They will ask you to provide proof your stamps come from Font Fixation, and if you are unable to provide that detail, you may be facing more than a cease and desist letter. 

You'll also find the following text in the description of these unique fonts, just so there is no confusion about which fonts have this particular licensing:** THIS FONT IS EXCLUSIVELY MADE BY FONT FIXATION. IT CANNOT BE CONTRACTED THROUGH ANOTHER STAMP MAKER.