Why are some fonts more expensive than others?

We try our best to bring you the best pricing on the best quality metal stamps on the market. With metal prices constantly fluctuating all over the world, we do our best to stay competitive in pricing across the metal stamp community. When it doesn't come down to the size of the shank, the price difference is reflected in the contract and licensing prices we pay our artists/Foundries. And did I mention we are a small, United States based business? We have employees, a manufacturing shop, and shop billz to pay to make all the metal stamp things happen in our Anaheim, CA machine shop.

All of our stamps, regardless of price, are specifically contracted with each artist and Foundry to ensure that not only are WE licensed to make these designs and fonts into metal stamps, but that YOU are also licensed to use the metal stamps to make and sell the items that you do. 

Sometimes those contracts are more expensive than others, and when that is the case we have to reflect that price increase to us in the price of the font set or design stamp. Remember, Font Fixation brand stamps are "tools" and the license for the permission to make and sell the items you do follows the tool, even if it has been de-stashed!