What (and when!!) are the group raffles? 

I think you may have seen a trend in many of blog posts, but we are CONSTANTLY-STRONGLY recommending you join our Facebook group: Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends!

Our group is jam-packed with insider information about sales and new product launches, tips and tricks on stamping, where to get the best supplies on the market, and of course, all things FONT FIXATION! 

The group is not only safe, it's a SUPER positive and friendly environment of stampers and like-minded thinkers all there to support one another and be each other's biggest cheerleaders. 

One amazing group activity are the RAFFLES! These raffles take place weekly, during our two sale times per year, and last as long as we are shipping annual sale orders.

  • Our site-wide-annual sales are July and December

  • While we are shipping sale orders over several weeks (even a couple of months), we hold weekly raffles.

  • Stephanie will post a phrase or quote, and USING ONLY Font Fixation brand stamps, you hammer that quote and design it using your amazing unique-to-you creativity!

  • Remember! You can only use Font Fixation brand stamps!

  • The weekly winner is chosen based on the highest number of likes/loves/shocked face emojis on a photo submission.

  • The winner gets a Font Fixation gift certificate!!

Now, there ARE a few no-brainer things to keep in mind.... Things we shouldn't have to mention, but it's the responsible thing to remind all stampers about:

  • THERE IS NO COPYING. You absolutely cannot, under ANY circumstances, copy someone else's design.

  • There is NO STEALING. If you steal someone's design and styling, you are breaking the rules. Being "inspired" by someone's artwork and "stealing" are TOTALLY different things. 

  • POSITIVITY ONLY. If you don't have something nice to say, you hush. We are a place of love and acceptance.

  • And finally, if you can't follow these three, SUPER SIMPLE rules, we will help you to remove yourself from the group. We maintain a safe space for all stampers via intellectual property protection AND a bully-free zone. 

Raffles are intended to be a FUN time when you get forced to think outside your box, do something you've never tried, inspire others, and get inspired by others. It IS a competition, but it really is a sharing of amazing talent and CELEBRATING ALL OF YOU. Good luck, artists! May the odds be ever in your favor!!