Return Policy

Defective stamps will totally be replaced within one year of your original purchase from us. If you can't find your original order number, we can look it up for you. Stamps you picked up on destash or in second hand are not under warranty.

While we do not encourage returns because there is additional cost to you involved, sending brand new, duplicate, unused items back to us IS an option. Here are the rules for returns:

1. The stamp must be NEW and UNUSED. If it meets this criteria after a careful inspection by our team, we will issue you a refund minus a 20% inspection/restocking fee. 

2. You must pay for tracked and insured shipping back to us. If you choose to return this item and it is not tracked or insured for the value amount, and it gets lost in the mail, we cannot refund you for an item we never received.

3. When your stamp arrives and is inspected, you will be refunded via the payment method you used during your original purchase, minus the inspection/restocking fee. If our team detects through inspection that you have returned a used stamps, you will not receive a refund. We will email you to let you know that your stamp was used and that your refund was denied. We will then recycle your stamp.

With a world of metal stampers out there in the world who would LOVE to get their hands on your stamps, we strongly encourage you to go the destash route! 

REMEMBER : One stamper's duplicate is another stamper's treasure!! DESTASH IT!!