Shipping Times and Information

When will I receive my order?

We have three different shipping schedules during our Monday through Thursday work week. 



Standard shipping is for products that are found in our online shop on *every page* EXCEPT the New Releases page, and not sold during an annual sale. If it's a random day and you place an order for items in our shop, our standard shipping time is 3-5 business days. Please keep in mind that we are open Monday-Thursday, so we are not shipping on Friday-Sunday. There will also not be anyone available to answer emails Friday-Sunday, so should you email us we will respond to you during business hours Monday-Thursday. 



If you place an order with ANY item(s) from the New Releases page of our website, you've scored some AWESOME NEW STUFF that JUST launched! New Releases are launched on Thursdays and Fridays, every other week. 

Yay for you! Any order containing ANYTHING from this page is put into our New Releases shipping queue with all other New Release orders. 


These orders BEGIN shipping on the WEDNESDAY FOLLOWING the New Releases launch. The reason? We machine all of our stamps in house, and to keep cost low, we don't machine any New Release stamps until we have a quantity to machine from the orders that came in during the launch. Metal costs are at an all time high right now, so to keep the costs per stamp down for our amazing stamping family, we machine as needed to avoid waste. 


Being that orders containing New Release items don't being shipping until the following Wednesday, and they are sorted into queue by order number for fairness in shipping, it may be a week-plus until we ship your order(depending on where you are in the shipping queue). Many of our customers have learned this trend and try to be the first to order on Launch Thursdays so they can be first to ship the following week! If you are new to our site, our launch dates are always listed at the top of the Home Page of our website. The way to avoid these lengthy shipping times if you only want ONE New Release stamp and you have a host of other non-new-release stamps in your cart: Order the New Release items separately from the rest of your stamp order. Yes, it will be an extra shipping charge, but your NON-new-release order will ship sooner (we keep our 3-5 business day shipping for these orders!) and if you have an emergency stamp in that order, you'll get it much sooner than if your order contained a New Release item. 



We only have TWO annual, site-wide sales per year: once in the summer, and once at the end of the year. Hundreds of customers WAIT ALL YEAR for these two sale dates to be announced, and we have many, many customers ordering a SIGNIFICANT NUMBER of stamps during this time. Because the annual sales are site-wide, the entire shop will be on sale for a handful of days... and those orders also go into our shipping queue of orders. BE ADVISED -- BEING IN THE FIRST 50 ORDERS IS MOST COVETED -- because it means your order will be shipped in the first week following the annual sale! 


Shipping time depends solely on the number of orders we receive and where your order number fell into the queue. If you ordered in the first hour of the sale, your order may ship in the first week or week and a half following the sale! If you ordered on the last day of the sale, your order may not ship for a month or more. 



Annual sale time is when you order to save money, NOT to get stuff fast. If you order one stamp during the sale, your order MIGHT STILL ship in the approximate order of our shipping queue. We just have too many orders to find who has one stamp and who has 300 stamps, and to keep it fair for everyone in the shipping queue, we ship in roughly the order we receive. We machine EVERY STAMP once the counts are tallied at the end of the sale, so shipping times could be VERY lengthy. When the sale is over, ALL SALE ORDERS will ship in the queue, and ALL ORDERS placed AFTER the sale will resume the 3-5 business day shipping. 

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