Shipping times:


  1. Just every day shipping. No sales. No New Releases. Just a random day and your order.
  2. Just after one of our annual sales.
  3. New Releases shipping.


1. Orders during NON-sale-times are typically shipped within 3-5 business days of you placing your order.


2. Here's how orders ship during-and-just-after-sales:

  • Orders begin shipping 3 business days after the sale ends. This extra day or two gives the team the ability to combine add-on orders, look for order errors, provide order assistance, and plan which stamps need to be machined in order of priority.
  • After that, orders are shipped in roughly the order they are received, give or take a few days, plus or minus a few order numbers (depending on which sets need to be machined, heat treated, blasted, and packaged next).
  • As we learned after our End Of Year 2018 Sale (and neverrrr could have forecasted before this day), when we have an overwhelming number of orders, it pushes the last of the sale orders up to several weeks, even up to a couple of months, back.
  • This means all orders placed AFTER a sale will not ship UNTIL all sale orders have shipped.
  • If you are worried about receiving your post-sale orders shortly after a sale, PLEASE message us for our current shipping time PRIOR to placing your order.


  • If you are ordering on a Thursday-Saturday and your order has "New Releases" stamps that launched that Thursday: We begin shipping orders with New Releases on the Wednesday FOLLOWING a New Releases launch. We try to ship orders in roughly the order they are received, so if you ordered late into the New Releases launch, and there are lots of orders ahead of you, it could be a week or so before we're able to ship your order. Just a head's up for timing. 

  • Again, all New Releases orders begin shipping on the Wednesday following a launch, and roughly in the order they are received. This could mean, depending on the popularity of the launch, size of the orders before yours, or even YOUR order, it could take a week to 10 days to have your order shipped. Please be patient - we are just as excited as you are to receive your order!

IF SHIPPING IS IN A TIME OF QUARANTINE, MANDATORY STAY-AT-HOME ORDERS, OR ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, our shipping times may be slightly delayed. We will do our best to communicate that on the website (IN THE HEADER), in our facebook group (Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends), on our facebook main business page (Font Fixation), Instagram (@fontfixation), and from the roof tops, should we be allowed to go up there :)