Stamp Care and Rust Prevention

We have tested several different oils, even amazing little wipes, and inhibitors. To date the best thing I have found is Starrett M1. It stays wet but when wiped off it leaves a thin film that has a lasting barrier and protection against humidity and acids from our fingers. 'Lasting' is relative. They will need re-oiling later or if you're in an environment that doesn't promote rust you're good to go. Just wipe off and have fun.


I feel like it detracts from the 'unboxing' but really will make a better product. Not EVERY set will be oiled. Ones we are blasting an hour before shipping there is no point, but anything that is going on or (for now) coming off the shelf will have oil. There will be more foam in the cases too so the oil is in contact with the foam keeping it in place indefinitely.


If rusting happens on your stamp shanks, take the time to clean them by trying some of these recommendations:

  • Brian specifically recommends: Boeshield T-9 as a rust inhibitor 
  • Try a scotch bright (or brite) pad. Scrub them, then use WD40 . Let dry a little and wiped off excess. 
  • Lee Valley Tools Rust Erasers: The fine grit one takes it right off and I found it much easier to use than a scotch pad or steel wool
  • 0000 Steel wool which was frustrating to work with, or one of the yellow/green scrubby pads
  • Emery Cloth