What do you store your stamps in?

Many of our customers choose to keep their stamps in the font boxes they are shipped in because they are compact and fit easily on a shelf or in a drawer. Removing the top foam allows the to easily put their fingers in the case, pull out the stamp they want, and place back into the shipping case as needed. Design stamps should be removed from their tubes.

Some stampers live in a dry climates and do not have rust issues, and they choose to store their stamps in our acrylic stamp holders!

Rust can be an issue sometimes, so if you live in a humid environment, be sure to keep your stamps oiled and in a non-wet place.

Stephanie keeps her stamps in ammo boxes:

  • 243/308 for fonts and design stamps
  • 414 WSM 50ct ammo boxes for larger shank stamps like Fat Bottom Shanks (1/2" shanks)

CLICK HERE - Stephanie uses these to store blanks and supplies:

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