I love the font but I don't like one letter. Can I swap a letter?

Unfortunately, we have strict contracts with Foundries (font designers) that we make their fonts as they intended when they were created. The only adaptations we are contracted to make are for machining purposes, not aesthetic purposes.

We do our best to stamp examples of every letter and display them throughout our website and marketing campaigns so you can see exactly the quirks of each font --- know before you buy.

This also applies to the sizing of symbols/letters/numbers to each other. Because each font and foundry vary greatly, we strongly encourage you to find a website online that shows you what the font looks like when typed out. This will help you visualize each letter, the sizing of symbols we make, and the quirks of the font sizing in general. We will machine the font and the symbols as intended by foundry, so please do your due diligence before purchasing our fonts.

Alterations to fonts (or alternate letters) are not permitted unless the foundry specifically made them and supplied them to us at the time of contracting the font.