FBS? HH? SD? What?

Dude. What? What does this even mean? SO - MANY - TERMS.

Don't worry. We gotchoo. 

Fat Bottom Shanks, or FBS, are design stamps made on a 1/2" rounded-square shank. These shanks give us the ability to create designs up 12mm x 12mm.

Hefty Hitters, or HH, are design stamps made on 3/8" rounded-shanks, and give us design stamps sized from 6mm-9mm.  

Simple Dimples, or SD, are designs stamps made on 1/4" shanks. These images can be as small as .75mm, and are at a maximum size of 5.5mm. That means, YES, these SD images will fit on a 1/4" cuff. :) 

UNICASE: Fonts that do not have a designated UPPERCASE or LOWERCASE or called UNICASE. Uni=one. Case=style. Margarita is a great example of a unicase font - a font that comes just the one way it does. Unicases are excellent ways to save money on fonts because you don't need to buy a specific uppercase AND lowercase! It just comes one way! Unicase!