List of Vendors and Suppliers :)

We have LOTS of friends we recommend as suppliers, and some friends of friends who recommend other suppliers, too!

Here's a list of people we have used personally and love to support:

  • Keyrings are from KeyChain Supply - We recommend Keychain Supply for all of your crafting keyring, charms, and birthstone needs! Link to their Etsy shop here:

  • Stainless steel on this site is from -- I use all of the 22g, standard stainless steel from this site and highly recommend this metal as a shiny, silver alternative. Be advised, to use stainless steel as your stamping blanks, you will need to have a solid base/stamping post and heavier mallet, which will require you to have different stamping supplies. Please watch my stainless steel stamping video here.

  • Any aluminum on this site, in the form of Cuffs, is from Optimal Alloys. Any other aluminum blank is from Birds Eye Blanks. We highly recommend getting the "polished" or "tumbled" blanks from these sites -- the reflection in the metal makes it much easier to see where you are stamping.

Here's a list of suppliers our friends of friends have recommended: