The Font Fixation warranty covers your stamps for 1 year from the date of your original purchase from our site, for normal wear and tear. First-time damage caused by hammering into harder metals (like butter knives and steak knives) are also covered in the 1 year warranty.

Heat treating issues, chips in letter or other anomaly issues are covered under this 1-year-warranty.

Damage caused by abuse, and stamps picked up from destash or second hand groups are not covered.

If you have a question about whether your Font Fixation stamps are still under warranty, let us know through email and we can find your original date of purchase with us.


If your stamp is no longer covered under warranty -- still email us!

We can see if there is a defect in the machining or if it's just time to replace your stamp because it's lost or something of that nature. If it's time to replace that stamp, we offer the ability to replace individual letters from your font on the "INDIVIDUAL SYMBOLS" page of our website. There, you can select the font, select "Replace individual stamp" and tell us in the notes which letter needs to be replaced. We've got you covered.