The Font Fixation warranty covers your stamps for 1 year from the date of your original purchase from our site, for normal wear and tear. If you are within the first year of your original purchase with us, here's covered:


  • First-time damage caused by hammering into harder metals (like butter knives and steak knives). 

  • Heat treating issues, chips in letter or other anomaly issues to the letter of the stamp.

  • Any defect in the actual letter of the stamp within the first year of purchase by the original purchaser.

If you are outside of your first year with our stamps, or you have picked up our stamps on destash, the warranty does not apply. Here's a list of things that are not covered under our warranty:

Damage caused by abuse, and stamps picked up from destash or second hand groups are not covered.

  • If you have used our stamps in a press that the tension is too high and shatter your stamp; this is not considered "normal wear and tear".
  • Cosmetic blemishes and color changes, such as spots from where our tools held the stamp for blasting; these do not effect the quality of your stamping and can be removed with nail polish remover and gently buffing your stamp if the color/spots are concerning to you. 

  • Imperfections in the shank that do not have an effect on stamping or holding the shank are not covered.

  • Rust - as with all tools over time, metal can rust. It is up to you to maintain care of your tools and keep them well oiled, out of humidity and damp areas, and treat them immediately should they begin to show signs of rust.

If you have a question about whether your Font Fixation stamps are still under warranty, let us know through email and we can find your original date of purchase with us.




If your stamp is no longer covered under warranty -- still email us!


We can see if there is a defect in the machining or if it's just time to replace your stamp because it's lost or something of that nature. If it's time to replace that stamp, we offer the ability to replace individual letters from your font on the "INDIVIDUAL SYMBOLS" page of our website. There, you can select the font, select "Replace individual stamp" and tell us in the notes which letter needs to be replaced. We've got you covered.


What is "normal wear and tear"?

All tools wear and tear over time, meaning with continued use they slowly blunt or dull. Think about your steak knives; you are only cutting meat, and yet these babies wear down and require sharpening. Think about your scissors; they typically only cut paper or plastic, and these can dull pretty quickly.

Metal stamps are (technically) being smashed, repeatedly, into different hardness levels of metal with a heavy hammer/mallet. They WILL dull and show wear over time, harder metal usage (like stainless steel), and continued, repeated use. Ways to prolong the lifetime of your stamps - use soft metals like aluminum - spread out your stamping of these fonts/designs across various fonts/designs instead of using the same one over and over again.... Apart from that, be prepared to replace your beloved tools when they dull beyond your comfort level. This could be years from your purchase date (I'm still using the VERY FIRST launch of Shadows Into Light 2.5mm that we launched in 2016!).  

If your stamp face smooshes upon hammer strike, this is NOT normal wear and tear and is a heat treat issue. This IS covered by our warranty so reach out to us via email: fontfixation@gmail.com 


For more on our Rust Removal Services:

  • The stamps must be Font Fixation brand stamps.

  • Your stamps must be in bags (NOT font or design stamp containers) and sent tracked and insured. 

    Lost-in-transit stamps will NOT be replaced.

  • Shipping fees to and from our shop are covered by the stamper.

  • Your box must contain specific notes regarding what, specifically, is in your box. For example, "Shadows Into Light 3.5mm Uppercase, Woman Head #10 Left, Smiley Face #02 2.6mm Left, etc... 

  • Your box must contain the return address and shipping method to which you'd like to have your stamps returned. We will email you upon completion of your rust removal and reoiling, and you can pay us the amount for your selected shipping method via PayPal. 

  • Your stamps will be returned in baggies, NOT in font or design stamp containers. They will be heavily oiled and will require your attention upon arrival. Sometimes the oil from these bags can leak, so please take care in where you place your package when it arrives.

  • The turn-around time on this process can take up to 2 weeks during non-sale, non-new-release-launch times. During our two, annual sales or New Release launches, this process can take weeks or even a couple of months. Please plan accordingly, we are taking care of orders and will get to your free service as soon as possible.

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