By The Truck Load

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$15.00 - $25.00
What will you pull in little wagon metal stamp design? This wagon comes in left and right versions so it can go anywhere! Hand stamp your wagon design on it's own in 12mm, with the Pick Up Truck in 9mm, or add as a small accent in 5.5mm. This design...
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Truck Load of...

These metal design stamps can be used on their own, but they look AMAZING in the bed of our Classic Pick Up Truck Fat Botttom Shank hand stamp! All of these stamps are designed to fit in the bed, or tag along somehow! We believe in stamps that fit...
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Christmas by the Truck Load

Our "Truck Load" stamps are special to us because it celebrates stamps designed to work throughout the year, and in use with our Fat Bottom Shank Pick Up Truck. Winter's truck loads are trees and presents! Shank size: 1/4" Stamp Height: 2.5mm Stamp...


It's SPRING! And we need to sow our wild oats! Hey, get your head out of the gutter -- we mean FARMING AND GARDENING, sheesh! This Trailer Fat Bottom Shank hitches up to the Tractor AND Classic Pick Up Truck Fat Bottom Shanks! And this Trailer Fat...

Classic Pick Up Truck

This truck may look old, but it's seen a "haul" lotta love. Check out our seasonal Simple Dimples called "Truck Load" to see what this truck is capable of hauling in the bed! Whether it be pumpkins for fall, or eggs for Easter, Christmas trees, or...


Whether its wanderlust, glamping, RV-ing, or camping, this camper metal design stamp is the way to go! Ain't no life like the camping life!   While these FBS are RATED for steel, some very detailed FBS images are SUPER large, and some stainless...