Where are you located, and what is your currency?

We are located in Anaheim, CA, in the USA. We use American Dollars.
We do not have a brick and mortar "store" at this time, so all of our orders are handled through our website, here, online.

We do have a couple of UK vendors who can order stamps for our UK customer base. Let us know if you'd like their contact information.


What is a FBS? What is a SD?

Fat Bottom Shanksor FBS, are design stamps made on a shank larger than 1/4". Most of our FBS are made on 1/2" shanks, creating designs up 12mm x 12mm. 

Soon we'll be adding other sizing to our FBS; designs best used on 5/8" metals.

‚ÄčSimple Dimples, or SD, are designs stamps made on 1/4" shanks. These images can be as small as .75mm, and are at a maximum size of 5.5mm. That means, YES, these SD images will fit on a 1/4" cuff.


Are your stamps rated for stainless steel?

Absolutely! In fact, most of the images you see stamped on this website and our facebook pages are entirely stamped on stainless steel. There are varying hardness levels of stainless steel. If you have a question, email us! fontfixation@gmail.com


Why are some of your fonts more expensive than others?

We try our best to bring you the best pricing on the best quality metal stamps on the market. When it doesn't come down to the size of the shank, the price difference is reflected in the contract and licensing prices we pay our artists/Foundries. All of our stamps, regardless of price, are specifically contracted with each artist and Foundry to ensure that not only are WE licensed to make these designs and fonts into metal stamps, but that YOU are also licensed to use the metal stamps to make and sell the items that you do. Sometimes those contracts are more expensive than others, and when that is the case we have to reflect that price increase to us in the price of the font set or design stamp. Remember, Font Fixation brand stamps are "tools" and the license for the permission to make and sell the items you do follows the tool, even if it has been de-stashed!


Can I get a font of yours made by another stamp maker?

While we'd love to be your metal stamp provider exclusively, we understand that sometimes customers want to have fonts made by another company. In this instance, you may notice that some of our fonts have (**) after the font name. This is an indication that this font is made *exclusively by Font Fixation, and that we have signed an exclusivity contract with the Foundry that only Font Fixation can make this particular font into metal stamps or hand stamps. If another stamp maker makes this font into a metal stamp font for you, you may be facing some super steep legal battles with the Foundry and their legal teams. They will ask you to provide proof your stamps come from Font Fixation, and if you are unable to provide that detail, you may be facing more than a cease and desist letter. You'll also find the following text in the description of these unique fonts, just so there is no confusion about which fonts have this particular licensing: ** THIS FONT IS EXCLUSIVELY MADE BY FONT FIXATION. IT CANNOT BE CONTRACTED THROUGH ANOTHER STAMP MAKER. 


What is your return policy?

Defective stamps will totally be replaced within one year of your original purchase from us. If you can't find your original order number, we can look it up for you. Stamps you picked up second hand are not under warranty.

If your order has not yet shipped and you want to cancel it, there may be up to a 20% restocking fee depending on whether or not your order has been boxed for shipment, how many stamps are in your order, and how long it takes to put your stamps back within our warehouse. 

If you have received your order it isn't defective and you've just changed your mind, we do not offer returns or exchanges, I'm sorry. However, there are some pretty outstanding de-stash groups on facebook that will be thrilled to see some Font Fixation stamps for sale!


I am missing stamps from my order. Now what do I do?

Mistakes happen sometimes, and we are so sorry when the error is on our end. Should your order arrive and it is missing stamps, the first thing to do is EMAIL US! We can absolutely help you within 7 business days of you receiving your order.

  • Fontfixation@gmail.com
We will require the following information:
  • Photos of the packing slip sent with your stamps
  • The sku of the missing stamp(s) -- found on your packing slip
If you do not have your packing slip, or you are outside your 7 business day window of receipt of your order, we will not be able to verify the error was on our side and may not be able to replace your missing stamps. 


Do you have a warranty?

The Font Fixation warranty covers your stamps for 1 year from the date of your original purchase from our site, for normal wear and tear. Heat treating issues, chips in letter or other anomaly issues are covered under this 1-year-warranty. Damage caused by abuse, stamps picked up from destash or second hand groups, or damaged caused by hammering into harder metals (like butter knives and steak knives) are not covered. If you have a question about whether your Font Fixation stamps are still under warranty, let us know through email and we can find your original date of purchase with us. 


Where can I find more information about your stamps?

Why aren't you on Etsy?

Most sellers spend a lifetime building a strong sales platform on sites like Etsy, and then when selling fees get high, they spend a lifetime trying to convert their customers to a stand-alone website. 

Rather than go through that, we'll just keep our stand-alone website and hope people like you help us drive traffic to it. :) Thanks for the help!


Shipping cost details:

We try to offer a variety of shipping methods, all with the exact price shipping actually costs from the shipping sources. Let's be real: what matters is that your stamps arrive safely to your door. Some orders weigh several pounds, and sometimes those orders need to travel a long way overseas. To make sure they get to you safely, and insured for their trip, we charge the cost of what it takes to ship them. Trust me, we aren't in the business to make a cent off shipping. We just want to make sure you have all your stamps in a timely fashion arrive safely to your door.

Applicable shipping will be available based on total weight and shipping destination of your order. Some options below may not be available because of weight or destination: 

  • First Class (standard) - this is the least expensive way to ship. It is not insured. If lost in transit, we are not responsible for your lost items.
  • First Class (international) - It is not insured. If lost in transit, we are not responsible for your lost items.
  • First Class (fully insured) - this is an insured First Class shipping option. If your parcel is lost within 7 business days of shipping domestically, we will reship for free on the 8th business day.
  • Priority (up to $50) - we will insure your order up to $50. If it is lost within 7 business days of shipping domestically, we will insure up to $50 of this order. The remainder of your order is not insured. 
  • Priority (fully insured) - your entire order is insured. If your parcel is lost within 7 business days of shipping domestically, we will reship your entire order on the 8th business day. 
  • UPS Ground - fully insured.  Should your order not arrive within 7 business days (domestically), we will reship your order on the 8th business day.
  • DHL - fully insured internationally. The "lost date" varies by date and country. We determine it is lost when the carrier tells us it is lost.
  • UPS (International) - fully insured internationally. The "lost date" varies by date and country. We determine it is lost when the carrier tells us it is lost.

Be aware: we are US based. There may be additional duty fees associated with other countries. We have no control over this and cannot help regarding issues or additional fees incurred. We also do not put false information on government documents, so your declared value will be the amount of your order. Any and all additional fees required by your country to retrieve your order are not at the expense of Font Fixation.


Should your original order arrive (eventually) we ask that you please email us at FontFixation@gmail.com so that we can send you a return label to send it on back home to us :)  


What is the approximate shipping time for my order?

Orders during NON-sale-times are typically shipped within 3 business days of you placing your order. 

Here's how orders ship during-and-just-after-sales:

  • Orders begin shipping 1 business day after the sale ends. This extra day gives the team the ability to combine add-on orders, look for order errors, provide order assistance, and plan which stamps need to be machined in order of priority.

  • After that, orders are shipped in roughly the order they are received, give or take a few days, plus or minus a few order numbers (depending on which sets need to be machined, heat treated, blasted, and packaged next).

  • As we learned after our End Of Year 2018 Sale (and neverrrr could have forecasted before this day), when we have an overwhelming number of orders, it pushes the last of the sale orders up to several weeks, even up to a couple of months, back.

  • This means all orders placed AFTER a sale will not ship UNTIL all sale orders have shipped. 

  • If you are worried about receiving your post-sale orders shortly after a sale, PLEASE message us for our current shipping time PRIOR to placing your order.


  • If you are ordering on a Thursday-Saturday and your order has "New Releases" stamps that launched that Thursday: We begin shipping orders with New Releases on the Wednesday FOLLOWING a New Releases launch. We try to ship orders in roughly the order they are received, so if you ordered late into the New Releases launch, and there are lots of orders ahead of you, it could be a week or so before we're able to ship your order. Just a head's up for timing. All New Releases orders begin shipping on the Wednesday following a launch, and roughly in the order they are received.


IF SHIPPING IS IN A TIME OF QUARANTINE, MANDATORY STAY-AT-HOME ORDERS, OR ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, our shipping times may be slightly delayed. We will do our best to communicate that on the website (IN THE HEADER), in our facebook group (Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends), on our facebook main business page (Font Fixation), Instagram (@fontfixation), and from the roof tops, should we be allowed to go up there :) 


I want to ADD ON to my current order during the time the sale is still active. How do I do that? Will my orders combine? Does this extend my shipping date?

If the sale is STILL ACTIVE, you are welcome to add on to your order using the shipping method "PICK UP IN STORE". This will waive your shipping cost for all add-on orders. You will need to email us at FontFixation@gmail.com and tell us the order numbers you wish to combine. 

Your second, third, fourth, however many orders, will ship WITH YOUR FIRST ORDER. It will not delay shipping.


If you place an order AFTER the sale ends, we cannot combine your order and your secondary order(s) will ship separately and independently from your sale order AFTER all sale orders have been shipped.


For current shipping times on those orders placed late after the sale, please contact us. 



I emailed you to combine my orders, and now I don't have tracking on the other orders. Did my orders ship together? Where is my tracking for those other orders?

When customers ask us to combine orders, for example, Order #1 and Order #20, we combine them. That means you don't get a shipping confirmation for Order #20. You only get the shipping confirmation for Order #1. On our end, it looks like this:
  • Mama Monster #1
  • Cookies #20
  • Mama Monster #1 EATS Cookies #20
  • Now there is only Mama Monster #1
:) So, when we ship the Mama Monster #1 and the Cookies #20, you're only getting the shipping and tracking for the Mama Monster, not the cookies she ate, even though the cookies are there, and in her belly :)


It's after a sale and my sale order hasn't shipped yet. I want to add on to my order.

During any sale, we allow Add-On Orders. This allows you to place multiple orders throughout the sale, and add on to your original order as many times as you want, waiving the additional fee. 

When the sale ends, we deactivate this free-shipping-add-on-order ability and begin to process orders. All orders placed AFTER the sale has ended can no longer be added on to sale orders, and will ship separately and independently from sale orders. 

The reason for this: if we kept adding on to orders after the sale was over, we'd never get through the sale orders. Our sales are announced long in advance and last for several days to give everyone the opportunity to place all their orders. We feel it is most fair to honor all orders and ship them in as best of a timely manner as possible for us to machine hundreds of thousands of stamps, and send them on their way to their new home. Adding on to orders post sale makes this shipping time extend, which isn't fair to everyone. 

Thank you for understanding. :) 


I would like to order Sparkly from you -- how can I do that?

Sparkly was a limited release font. We will not be running this font again. :) 


I LOVE this one font, but really don't like one of the letters. Can I get an alternate letter made?

Unfortunately, we have strict contracts with foundries (font designers) that we make their fonts as they intended when they were created. The only adaptations we are contracted to make are for machining purposes, not aesthetic purposes. We do our best to stamp examples of every letter and display them throughout our website and marketing campaigns so you can see exactly the quirks of each font --- know before you buy. Alterations to fonts (or alternate letters) are not permitted unless the foundry specifically made them and supplied them to us at the time of contracting the font.


I ordered SWAG with my stamps. I received my stamps, but not my SWAG.

Don't worry! It is still on its way to you! We do not make shirts/aprons/cups/hoodies, etc. on site. Only stamps. We have placed your SWAG order with our third party company, and they are making and shipping your SWAG separately from your stamps. It WILL arrive! It just isn't released to be made or shipped until AFTER your stamps are shipped, to avoid any shipping confusion regarding your stamp shipment. 


Who can order?

Anyone in the world can order through our site, although many customers have chosen to purchase from our handful of suppliers or through group buys in their own country to cut down on shipping fees or fees associated with their country. 
We also reserve the right to refuse service to customers. If we feel an order is made at the detriment to our business, or one that compromises our ethics and standards, we reserve the right to refund and cancel the order.


Happy Stamping!

Hard, Plastic Containers
Hard, Plastic Containers
Your stamps ship in hard, plastic, almost cube-like containers, wrapped in bubble wrap. Each set is sealed and shipped brand new.
Marked Clearly
Marked Clearly
Each box is clearly marked with the font, size, and set information.
The Foam
The Foam
There are two foam sections in your container. The larger, bottom piece will securely hold your stamps in place while you store and stamp them.
The thinner, upper piece is for transit and packing purposes to protect your stamps enroute. Feel free to push this thin piece lower to create a deeper pocket for your stamps, or remove altogether.
How your font should when you open the storage container. Each letter is secured for transit.
Remove the top foam
Remove the top foam
With the top foam piece removed, you have easier access to your stamps. You can also push the top foam piece down to create a deeper well for your stamp to stand.
Secured for Transit
Secured for Transit
Also having two sections of foam, you'll find it's easier to use your number set when you remove the protective shipping section of foam.
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