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HERO is an excellent neutral font WITH stars.

Hero LITE is an excellent neutral font withOUT stars.

From the same maker as Hello Sweetheart, Kitaleigh brings us her most dazzling font yet: 

HERO! The range of sizes of this font are 3mm (one star), 5mm (two stars), and 7.0mm (two stars) on the Hero line.

  • NOTE -- SYMBOLS FOR HERO (stars) only come in Question Mark, Exclamation Point, and Ampersand.
  • This is why there is a price difference between Hero and Hero Lite Symbol sets.
  • Shank sizes: 3mm and 5mm are on 1/4" shanks -- 7mm is on 5/16" shank
  • Stamped height: 3mm, 5mm, 7.0mm 
  • Hero Lite Symbols set comes with 9 stamps.

The PERFECT lowercase for this set is Hello Sweetheart lowers :) We have paired 3mm and 5mm Lowercase Hello Sweetheart as the lowercase font option for you to the right.

Individual Symbols and replacement stamps can be found here: Hero Lite Individual Stamps

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