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Ale & Wenches

Ale & Wenches

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When you order "Ale & Wenches" metal stamps, our Celtic metal stamp font, by Font Fixation, you are ordering a tapered metal font stamp perfect for hammering all metals. Aluminum to stainless steel, these metal stamps can take a hammer blow and will leave a perfect stamp impression every time. 4mm, Celtic, Irish, masculine. Ale & Wenches has everything you need... except the beer. And wenches. 

  • This font comes in 3mm, 4mm
  • This set comes with 26 stamps.
  • The symbols set comes with 6 stamps.
  • An alternate uppercase I is also available for purchase.

Pair this font with some of our Celtic Knot Simple Dimples, the Triskele, Four Leaf Clover, or Leprechaun Hat for some dramatic sentiments and playful designs!


You can purchase the typeset of this font here

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