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Tiny Birthflowers INDIVIDUALLY

Tiny Birthflowers INDIVIDUALLY


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This is what you've been waiting for since our launch in Spring 2021! These tiny birthflowers are sold in a set of 12 stamps, and measure approximately 2mm-2.5mm tall and/or wide, maximum. This set is designed to be used on our Flower Stem design stamp, to create the perfect bouquet. Add the Sprig hand stamp to the mix, and you have the perfect arrangement with a bit of a sprig of leaves to add where needed!

  • Stamp sizes range from 2mm to 2.5mm tall and/or wide at its maximum point.
  • Shank size: 1/4"

Birth-flowers by month:

  1. January - Snowdrop
  2. February - Violet
  3. March - Daffodil
  4. April - Daisy 
  5. May - Lily of the Valley
  6. June - Honeysuckle 
  7. July - Larkspur
  8. August - Poppy
  9. September - Morning Glory
  10. October - Cosmos
  11. November - Chrysanthemum 
  12. December - Dandelion
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