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Cute, quirky, and versatile, Copperlock by On The Spot Studios is a winner!! We love how funky and fun it is, also a little snarky, and full of personality. This font IS WIDE, so it will fill a lot of space quickly and easily.

  • Sizes available: 3mm, 4.5mm, 6.5mm
  • Sets: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers
  • 6.5mm is on 5/16" shanks.
  • All other sizes and sets are on 1/4" shanks. 

My two cents (fwiw):

  • In my "Four Categories of Fonts" blog post, I would consider this font to fall into the FUN category. 
  • This font looks BEST when used with tape, although it is not 100% necessary.
  • I recommend putting the bottom of the "t" on the same line as the rest of your lowercase letters.
  • This font works in ALL metals, and despite having some thick-ish lines, the 6.5mm works amazingly well in stainless steel, too!
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