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Fun calligraphy by On The Spot Studios mixed with a handwritten uppercase! This font duo is refreshing and easy to stamp, and can be mixed and matched with some of our older, discontinued fonts! We love when fonts can mix and match and pair with others! This font duo is unique in that it also has (26) alternate lowercase letters (not a full set of lowers, just alternates of some letters, so heads up!).
The true name of this font duo is called "Golden Glaze" and is by On the Spot Studio.

* The uppercase letters come in: 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 6.5mm
* The 6.5mm is on 3/8" shanks, and the 4.5mm and 3.5mm are on 1/4" shanks.
* GOLDEN sizing is also the sizing for the numbers, so the numbers sets are in 3.5mm, 4.5mm, and 6.5mm
* The symbols are sized to go with the uppercase, so the Ampersand, Exclamation Point and Question Mark will all be the same sizing as GOLDEN, and naturally, the rest of the symbols will be sized appropriately for the set and be smaller.
* The Symbols set comes with 11 stamps; AND/THE are not included and are sized differently from these fonts.

GLAZED is the LOWERCASE set and the ALTERNATE lowercase set:
* GLAZED LOWERCASE comes with the standard 26 letters, and comes in the following sizes: 3mm, 4mm, 5.75mm
* GLAZED ALTERNATE lowercase letters are NOT the full set of lowers; they are just fun alternates to use as the beginning or ending letters for: a, b, d, g, h, j k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, y (some of those letters have more than one alternate letter).
* The 3mm and 4mm are on 1/4" shanks. The 5.75mm is on 5/16" shanks.

My two cents:
* This font is VERY thick lined. Newer stampers should use both Glazed and Golden in soft metals only.
* While both glazed and golden are rated for stainless steel, the thicker lines of these fonts may be better for soft metals.
* GLAZED 5.7mm and GOLDEN 6.5mm are both recommended for *experienced* stainless steel stampers who have an excellent stamping post set up.
* Golden looks better when lined up with tape; Glazed does not require tape to line up, although most of my examples are with tape.
* Under my "Four Types of Fonts" categories, GLAZED would be considered a "feminine" font, and GOLDEN would be considered a "fun" or "neutral" font.
* The alternate letters in Glazed really add a lot of variation to the beginning and ending words. Are they critical to your stamping arsenal? No, but they sure do add some pizzaz to your words!!
* Golden 6.5mm has ridges in the letter to help hold color. These ridges may be visible when viewed close up if you are not coloring in the letters.

Amazing Keyrings and Charms:

  • I recommend Keychain Supply for all of your crafting keyring, charms, and birthstone needs! Link to their Etsy shop here: KeychainSupply

For Stainless Steel blanks:

  • I use all of the 22g, standard stainless steel from and highly recommend this metal as a shiny, silver alternative. Be advised, to use stainless steel as your stamping blanks, you will need to have a solid base/stamping post and heavier mallet, which will require you to have different stamping supplies. Please watch my stainless steel stamping video here.

For Aluminum blanks & Cuffs:

  • Any aluminum on this site, in the form of Cuffs, is from Optimal Alloys. Any aluminum blank, especially the super adorable shapes, is from Birds Eye Blanks. We highly recommend getting the "polished" or "tumbled" blanks from these sites -- the reflection in the metal makes it much easier to see where you are stamping.

  • Our font metal stamps are programmed to be as close to the original typeset fonts as possible, although there may be slight variations from typeset to actual stamp based on a variety of programming and stamping needs. Please use the actual stamped images provided on our site and in each listing to see the stamped version.
  • The bigger and more detailed the design, the more difficult to stamp.
  • While our large, 12mm designs (also called Fat Bottom Shanks, or FBS) are RATED for steel, some very detailed FBS images are SUPER large, and some stainless steel stampers with lightweight hammers may find these large, detailed stamps very difficult to hammer in stainless steel and get a full impression.
  • Every image on this site that is hammered in stainless steel was hammered with a 2lb mallet, on a stamping post with no buffer between the anvil and the post. No sandbag, no pad, just the anvil on a solid stamping post going straight to the floor. No press here. Still having a tough time? 
  • Try these two resource videos:
  • Stainless Steel? I'd Hit That...Again
  • Is my stamp defective?

  • Our Blog section of the site has everything you need to know.

  • But here it is again, just to save you a few more clicks :)

  • All Font Fixation brand stamps are manufactured to be used on all metals. The product and listing photos on this website are primarily on 22g stainless steel from

  • Some metals are harder than others, for example butter or steak knives, and we do not recommend use on steel of this hardness level.

  • Our stamps are covered under warranty for 1 year from date of purchase and covers the original purchaser. Stamps purchased from "destash" or "second-hand" groups are not covered under warranty.

  • "Simple Dimple" stamps are manufactured on 1/4" shanks and are made to fit in most ring jigs. Simple Dimple designs usually fit on 1/4" wide cuffs, because all Simple Dimple design stamps are .5mm-5.5mm, and 1/4" cuffs are 6mm wide.

  • "Hefty Hitter" stamps are manufactured on 3/8" shanks.

  • "Fat Bottom Shanks" are stamps that are manufactured on 1/2" shanks. While these size design stamps are rated for stainless steel use, some of these designs are quite detailed and may require the "tilt-and-tap" method to get a full, solid impression. We always recommend using a solid surface that has force transferred directly to the floor (such as a stamping post), using a 2lb steel mallet, and not having any sandbag or such force deadening agent under your anvil. For more information on how to get better impressions, please see our YouTube video "Is My Stamp Defective".

  • Best impressions for larger and more detailed stamps are always in softer metals, like aluminum, brass, copper, pewter, and nugold. If you are a seasoned and skilled stainless steel stamper, you should have little-to-no difficulty with our larger/more detailed stamps in stainless steel. If you are a beginner stamper, we recommend you start with softer metals like those listed above, and as your skill level increases it should be easier to transition to stainless steel.

  • Want to see more examples or get tips on stamping? Request to join our Facebook group, "Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends" at -- Answer the three questions and we'll get you in the group!

  • If you have an error or defect in your stamp, please email to get your stamp replaced under warranty, or for instructions on how to purchase a new individual stamp if out of warranty.

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