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Elegant but quite reminiscent of roman forms and proportions, Biographer keeps the calligraphy mostly toned down, but its ascenders and descenders occasionally flare out in final swashy confidence. Made by the foundry Sudtipos, you'll find both the standard set and its alternates are fabulously on trend!

  • Stamp size: 4mm, 5.5mm
  • Shank size: Both sets have a mixture of shanks from 1/4", all the way up to 1/2"
  • Sets Available: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Symbols (06), Alternates
  • Symbols available: ! ? & a r t 
  • Alternates #01 (27): (3) b, d, h, k, l; (2) f, g, p, q, y, z (all swooshy alternates)
  • Alternates #02 (05): b, d, h, k, l (swoosh up)
  • Alternates #03 (05): b, d, h, k, l (swoosh down)
  • Alternates #04 (05): b, d, h, k, l (pretzel swoosh)
  • Alternates #05 (06): f, g, p, q, y, z (swoosh down)
  • Alternates #06 (06): f, g, p, q, y, z (swoosh straight)

My Two Cents: 

  • Biographer has thicker lines, and while rated for stainless, may color in better in softer metals for newer stampers. 
  • The UPPERCASE is not all the same size. Some letters are oversized and meant to hang lower than the line of lowercase text. If you plan on using all uppercase letters, please be prepared to offset some of the lower hanging uppercase letters from the rest of your line. 
  • The sizing of this font is by the TALLEST uppercase letter, and being that some uppercase letters are a tad smaller, some of these letters are not as tall as the quoted size. Please plan accordingly.
  • The lowercase letters without swooshes are approximately half the size of the uppers.  
  • I LOVE the different swirly alternate letters! SO much personality!! You can really make words look SUPER unique and frilly!
  • This font looks best when used with tape. 
  • The standard set without alternates would be a more NEUTRAL look, and with the swooshy alternates would be more of a FEMININE look!
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