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This thick lined, rustic, spooky font is the perfect font for your holiday and masculine stamped works. Brought to us by the foundry, Hanoded, David Kerkhoff created this font with thicker lines, mis-sized letters, and intends for it to be used with offset lettering to give it this unique look!

  • This font comes in: 3mm, 4.5mm, 6.5mm
  • Shank sizes: 1/4", 5/16"
  • Sets available: Unicase, Alternates (06), Numbers
  • Alternates letters: B, C, E, O, X, Z


      My Two Cents:

      • This font is thick lined and may be best if used in soft metals.
      • The sizing of this font RANGES per size; the tallest letter (Y) is 3mm taller than the smallest letter (O), PER SIZE of each font. THIS IS A HUGE SIZE DISCREPANCY WITHIN THIS FONT and is entirely the intended look by the foundry. This includes the numbers which also have sizing discrepancies among each number, and again, is intentional and as per the foundry specifications for this font.
      • The lettering is MEANT to be different sizes, and that means it will look best WITHOUT tape.
      • In my blog post of "Four Types of Fonts" - I would categorize this font under both MASCULINE and FUN categories! 
      • The 6.5mm size of this font is thick lined and leaves slight ridges in the impression to help hold ink. These ridges can be vaguely seen close up when the letters are not filled in with color.
      • Hyldemoer 6.5mm is VERY difficult to fill in the impression in stainless steel, unless you are an experienced stainless steel stamper WITH a stainless steel stamping setup, specifically. It is a BREEZE to fill in soft metals, so have no worries there! The examples of 6.5mm Hyldemoer on this website are all on stainless steel (EXCEPT: 6.5mm Alternates and Numbers - those are on aluminum to show the difference between the two metals in the 6.5mm sizing).
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