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Emily Spadoni




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When you order "Margarita" metal stamps by Font Fixation, you are ordering a tapered metal font stamp perfect for hammering all metals. Aluminum to stainless steel, these metal stamps can take a hammer blow and will leave a perfect stamp impression every time.

  • Margarita currently comes in three sizes: 1.5mm, 3mm, and 5mm.
  • This is a UNICASE font, meaning all letters are the same size, and there is no designated "uppercase" or "lowercase" letters.
  • The Unicase set comes with 26 stamps.
  • The Alternate set comes with 12 stamps (as shown).
  • The Alternate B is sold separately. 
  • The Symbols set comes with one stamp, the ampersand.
  • While this font is *rated* for stainless steel, due to the thick lines of this font, we recommend using the larger sizes this font in soft metals. The thicker the lines and the larger the font, the more difficult it is to color in your impression in stainless steel. This is not an issue for soft metals, or experienced stainless steel stampers.
  • This font is created brilliantly and with love by Emily Spadoni and is originally called "Peony Blooms Font Duo." 
  • This font is meant to be used WITH Peony Blooms, a full lined and beautiful scripty font.


  • This is a thick lined font. 
  • If you are a stainless steel stamper, I recommend staying in the 4.5mm or smaller range for thicker lined fonts.
  • Want to make sure you have the optimal stamping setup for stainless steel? Watch our video here!

Individual Symbols stamps and Replacement stamps for this set are here: Margarita Individual Stamps


You can purchase the typeset of this font here

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