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Meet MJOLNIR -- a tribal font inspired by Nordic runes and the Viking Era! 

  • Stamp size: 4.5mm, 6mm
  • Shank size: 1/4", 5/16"
  • Available sets: Uppercase, Alternate Uppercase, Numbers, Symbols (05)
  • Symbols available: Exclamation Point, Question Mark, Ampersand, Asterisk, Parenthesis

My Two Cents:

  • This font is SO fun! ALL of the personality of this font is in the UPPERCASE. The alternate Uppercase set is just standard letters. (I'm in love with the numbers and symbols, too!)
  • Mjolnir 6mm may be best used in soft metals or by an experienced stainless steel stamper. 
  • This is a thin lined font and looks best WITH tape.
  • The arrows in the uppercase set look great with Wanderlust and Adventure themed creations!
  • I would consider this a FUN font in our blog on the Four Types of Fonts. 
  • Mjolnir is a SUPPERRRRRRRR WIDEEEEEEEE font, so going to the 4.5mm to fit on smaller blanks may be your best small-stuff option. If you make large ornaments and cuffs, the 6mm is perfect!


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