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Paradise Point OUTLINE

Paradise Point OUTLINE

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Paradise Point metal stamping font made by Swell Type foundry, is a fun, surfer-style font that is perfect for summer! Paradise Point comes in two style: LITE and OUTLINE. Perfect to emphasize words and have some unique looking hand-stamped gifts!

  • Sizes: 3mm, 3.8mm, 4.8mm, 6mm
  • Shank sizes: 1/4"
  • Sets Available: Unicase, Numbers, Ampersand, Alternate (a, e)

My Two Cents:

  • Paradise Point comes in both UNICASE, where the size of all the letters are EXACTLY the same size.
  • That means the 6mm Unicase is meant to be paired with the 3.8mm
  • That means the 4.8mm Unicase is meant to be paired with the 3mm Unicase.
  • This font looks best WITH TAPE. 
  • It is thin lined and perfect for stamping in all metal
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