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Larks Tongue

Larks Tongue


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Lark's Tongue, by Hanoded, says this about his font: Larks' Tongues in Aspic is the fifth studio album (released in 1973) by the English progressive rock group King Crimson. I have always liked this name, as it reminded me of old stories in which witches threw all kinds of weird ingredients (larks’ tongues, bat wings and petrified dragon dung) into a big cauldron. When I created this font, it looked like the writing in an old book of spells, so I just had to call it Larks’ Tongues.

  • Stamp size: 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm
  • Shank size: 1/4"

    My two cents:

    • This thicker lined font is definitely meant to be a little oozie and creepy, and therefore, I would consider this a FUN font -- based on my blog post, "The Four Types of Fonts". 
    • Thicker lines are trixy to fill in hard metals, so this one may be easier for seasoned stainless steel stampers, or for all soft metals.
    • The letters in this font are all sized and shaped very wonkily, that means that some letters will be larger/smaller than others, and this font (while listed in sizing) may not be entirely true to size. It is sized off the TALLEST letter of the font, and not an average of the letters. Please keep that sizing in mind.
    • Lark's Tongue looks best WITHOUT tape!
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