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Amanda Durrant

Trixy the Fairy

Trixy the Fairy

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Fairies may be mythical to some, however to us, they are just the beginning of a world of magic that has endless creativity! Add the Tree Stump and Fairy Door, maybe some gnomes and mushrooms and toadstools, a few stars and twinkles, and you have the perfect scene for just about any customer!

Trixy is a little feisty, a little sweet, and a whole lotta mischief! 

  • Stamp size: 12mm
  • Shank size: 1/2"
  • While this stamp is RATED for stainless steel use, due to the incredible detail in this design, we recommend using it on soft metals only to get the best impression and color.
  • Want to see another amazing Fairy stamp by an awesome brand (and incredible friend, Caley Griffin)? Check out the link to Emma the Fairy on Caley's site, here's where you can go to find her:
  • This stamp is priced higher than most stamps of this size because of the extra machining required and the detail in the stamp.
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