6/1/2024: Font Fixation will be permanently closing in the next few months. We have limited production capacity in that time so the site is currently paused as we work through orders that came in upon the announcement. Overwhelming support and love came through and is helping us to possibly make a graceful exit and we can move onto our next chapter. We will not be re-opening after we move to Arizona. I will be taking a normal job and Maria is already back at her old job. 

We WILL open for at least one, possibly two more short windows. These windows WILL be announced on FB, FB Group, here, and in an email blast prior to those openings. There WILL be a limit to the amount of sales allowed for either/each of those windows and when we hit that max I will pause the site again. The first will be a new release launch (with the entire site available to purchase as normal), the second, if there is time, would be an un-vault of all vaulted fonts. For the second one the rest of the site MAY be turned off so only remaining few inventory items with limited quantity and the un-vault (LIMITED for that window) would be available.  

My rough guess as of this moment would be the weekend of June 15th. The ENTIRE site will be live during that opening. All items. There will be our final ever new release items shown ahead of time as normal. There will NOT be any type of tier or new release discounts. We MAY have to increase 1/4 font and/or 5/16 font prices during that window. May only be 5/16. We may have to pay retail pricing for the 5/16 which costs $91 just for the metal for each set. Designs wont be effected and if we get lucky neither will 1/4 fonts. We will ONLY do that IF we have to pay that price ourselves, not just for 'higher profits'. 

My goal is to run stamps at the current price (same price as a few years ago just  without tier discount) until the day I have to unplug the machines, but I can't run anything the day after that... so these windows will have a sales cap then close.

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