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Font: Cattapilla


Each sentiment you hand stamp has it's own life and feeling. Font Fixation has a gigantic selection of fonts to get your message across the right way! From FUN and FEMININE, to MASCULINE and NEUTRAL, let our stainless steel rated metal stamp fonts do the talking for you!

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  • Font: She's All That


    FEMININE fonts have frill, swirl and cursive qualities to them. You'll find fonts in this category that are perfect for names, and anything for Mom! Grab for your Feminine font when you have a sweet sentiment to stamp, and you need that perfect look that sets that heartfelt mood.

  • Font: DreamCake


    FUN fonts can be silly, goofy, and have a ton of personality! Whether you're hammering a snarky phrase, or you want to be super themed in your stamped sentiment, a FUN font will do just as much talking as the words you hammer.

  • Font: Wintanceastre


    MASCULINE fonts are perfect when you need to get a message across without a lot of frill or swirl. These fonts are perfect for Dad and Grandpa, Uncles to teachers. Grab for your Masculine font when you need the message to be clear and still have some umph!

  • Font: Detective Typewriter


    NEUTRAL fonts are the best for everyday use, in between words (like, the, and, of, for), and gift giving. When you have a phrase that speaks for itself, sometimes a Neutral font is the best font to stamp because it doesn't outshine the message you're hammering.

  • Beginner Stamper Help & Info

    You're new, lost, confused, and don't know where to begin. Or maybe just gathering as much knowledge as possible before you begin... Excellent! Click here to begin!

  • Intermediate Stamper Tricks

    Let's LEVEL UP your skills with some ideas and tips that will take you to the next place in your stamping journey! Perfect! Let's get you onto the next step!

  • Experienced Stamper

    You know everything. You're are a master in your field. But maybe, just maybe, you could use a boost of motivation and inspiration? I gotchoo. Click here to get your brain juices flowing.

Design Stamps

The heart of your stamped works of art are the designs you add to your pieces! Adorn your creations with the right design stamp for the sentiment with our incredibly extensive line of stainless steel rated design stamps.

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