Shipping Details for New Release Launches & Annual Sales

Good day, Fixationist! As you know, our annual sale is quickly approaching, and we have a launch coming up this week! For those of you who are new to ordering with us during a New Releases launch JUST BEFORE an Annual Sale (and for those who need a reminder), here are some shipping details to consider:


  1. Orders before the New Releases launch will ship as they are ready. This could be in any order, regardless of order number. Our goal is to get orders out as quickly as possible, and some orders have machining requirements that delay shipping by a day or two.
  2. Orders placed during a New Releases launch will ship in ROUGHLY the order they are received (roughly by order number). This means if a launch is particularly popular, our shipping time could be slightly delayed for some orders, depending on what items need to be machined per order. Our goal is to get the best quality stamps out to you as quickly as possible, but not at the cost of quality. If you are looking to get stamps FAST, ordering during a New Releases launch is NOT the time to do that.
  3. Orders placed during an Annual Sale will ship AFTER THE ORDERS FROM THE PRECEDING NEW RELEASES LAUNCH and then in ROUGHLY the order of the queue (roughly by order number). Remember: ordering during a site-wide, annual sale is NOT the time to get FAST shipping; it's the time to SAVE MONEY. So these orders will ship roughly when we have gotten to that order number, in roughly the order received, AFTER the new releases orders just prior to the sale have finished shipping. This could be weeks before your order ships, so please have this heads up!! If you have IMMEDIATE needs for stamps, order BEFORE or AFTER the sale. NOT DURING. We will always post a shipping spreadsheet post that will be pinned to the top of this group for you to track where your order number is based on our shipping queue, and which orders are shipped each week day. We only do this for annual, site-wide sales***.
  4. Orders placed AFTER New Releases and/or Annual Sales will ship quickly (based on machining needs) and are not affected by sales or shipping queues.


Please email us with your order number if you have any questions about where your order is in our queue, and if you need an approximate shipping time frame. 


*** We strongly encourage you to join our Facebook group, Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends, to check for this annual sale shipping spreadsheet post that is pinned to the top of the page. This spreadsheet will be updated weeknights after the day's shipping has completed. You can track which orders are shipped each day, and get a guesstimate on when your order will likely ship. 

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