Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and may be a little overwhelmed. That's ok! We understand! Let's try and get you the answers you seek. 


  • Orders placed 'by mistake' or requests to cancel an order are subject to a 3% fee. That is not our fee, that is the charge to process the transaction and it is NOT refunded to me when we cancel an order so we will not be able to refund it to you. We can exchange items on the order, or issue a credit, but refunds will be made minus the 3% fee we paid for the order to be placed.


  • Defective stamps will totally be replaced within one year of your original purchase from us. If you can't find your original order number, we can look it up for you. Stamps you picked up on destash or in second hand are not under warranty.

  • While we do not encourage returns because there is additional cost to you involved, sending brand new, duplicate, unused items back to us IS an option. Here are the rules for returns:


    1. The stamp must be NEW and UNUSED. If it meets this criteria after a careful inspection by our team, we will issue you a refund minus a 20% inspection/restocking fee. 


    2. You must pay for tracked and insured shipping back to us. If you choose to return this item and it is not tracked or insured for the value amount, and it gets lost in the mail, we cannot refund you for an item we never received.


    3. When your stamp arrives and is inspected, you will be refunded via the payment method you used during your original purchase, minus the inspection/restocking fee. If our team detects through inspection that you have returned a used stamps, you will not receive a refund. We will email you to let you know that your stamp was used and that your refund was denied. We will then recycle your stamp.

    REMEMBER : One stamper's duplicate is another stamper's treasure!! DESTASH IT!! 



Unfortunately, we no longer offer add-on orders. All orders you place are their individual, separate order. 

For the guys in the shop:

  • When you place your order - each order goes in line.
  • We run reports that show which stamps are needed in the line order.
  • We may need to manufacture stamps to meet these orders in line.
  • When an add-on order comes in it alters the inventory of the orders in the line ahead of the add-on order.
  • All of these things delay shipping for everyone most of the orders after your initial order number. 
  • In addition, if the guys have already started working your initial order, and you add on to it, it creates the potential for errors in shipping.

For the actual cost of shipping:

  • We determine the cost of shipping based on the weight of the box they ship in.
  • If you add-on to an order at a zero cost for shipping, you are adding to the weight of the box without covering the cost to ship it.  

For you:

  • Not adding-on to or combining orders means that we are able to focus our shipping department on maximizing efficiency and that means we are able to get orders out much faster. 
  • It also means that each of your orders will be individually tracked when it they are shipped. 

While this was a service we were able to provide in the past, the number of orders we receive weekly has increased to such a level, that focusing on shipping the orders as they arrive has become imperative to our team. We are working super-duper hard to maximize efficiency in our shipping department and get orders out to you amazing customers as quickly as possible. Thank you for understanding!



Our stamps our made in house by Brian, Kyle and Ari in Anaheim, CA. Just the three of us doing EVERYTHING from design, programming, machining, engraving, heat treat, temper, bead blast, inspect, oil, stocking, pulling/filling orders, shipping and then emailing, marketing, website etc.... it's... A LOT. We LOVE what we do, but doing the things right takes time. We don't outsource or cut corners. We focus on high quality at a great price. We try to stock one of every item, but the process takes a week to restock so many, many many items are 'in process' when ordered and may take up to one week to ship.

We absolutely will not spend time 'checking inventory' instead of working on people's orders so plan on it shipping in one week and be thrilled when most orders ship the same or next day :)

DURING SALES the shipping time is out the window. Order early, it ships early. All orders during launches and sales ship in the order received for the most part. That can be one week or 11 weeks depending on how many tens of thousands of stamps were ordered before yours. You can always follow the sales in Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends group on Facebook where I post daily updates. 



Yes! We have annual, site wide sales twice per year, and even some sneaky pop-up sales throughout the year! Be sure to join our e-mailing list when you create an account so you won't miss a sale! We don't email often, nor do we sell your information, so be sure to sign up and allow our emails into your inbox so you aren't sad you've missed something big!


Coupon codes, if applicable, will be at the top of the website in our welcome message! Look there, too! 





Email us or join our Facebook group, Font Fixation's Fabulous Friends! We can give you one-on-one, personalized attention there in a safe, fun, and upbeat stamping community centered around Font Fixation brand metal stamps.


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