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Font Spring

Starlight Motel

Starlight Motel


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Starlight Motel is a fun cursive that can straight line or wander along the line. The Uppers are oversized and fun! Great for names, Title Case anything, or sassy lines. 

This font comes in 4mm

  • Font size: 4mm
  • Shank Sizes 1/4"
  • Sets available: Uppercase and Lowercase, Numbers and Ampersand

Here's my take: This stamps like a 3mm kind-of-cursive. You can attach the tails on many letters but don't have to and it still looks good. Some, like the 'r' can lead in to a tail but don't have to worry about the next letter. You CAN stamp the lowers with tape, but the uppers look better hanging below the lowers and the lowers are a little more fun off line. 

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