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Emily Spadoni

Bottoms Up Love Script

Bottoms Up Love Script


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Introducing Bottoms Up Love, an exquisite font pairing featuring a charming script and a sleek sans serif, accompanied by a delightful collection of doodle extras. This font duo boasts impeccably crafted characters, striking a perfect balance, making it a versatile complement to a diverse range of design projects. Elevate your creative concepts by incorporating Bottoms Up Love and witness how it breathes life into your imaginative endeavors!

  • Font size: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm
  • Shank Sizes 1/4" 5/16", 3/8"
  • Sets available: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Symbols (04), Doodles

3mm is all on 1/4" shanks
6mm Lowers, Uppers, Numbers and Symbols are on 5/16, and the doodles are on 3/8" so we can list them with the designs as well. 
8mm is all on 3/8" shanks

NOTE: This font numbers are smaller than the main characters. The 6mm numbers are about 5.2mm tall and the 8mm are about 7mm tall for reference. 

My $0.02 this is an EASY font to align and stamp with no tape. The lowers can bounce along only being careful of the placement of the tail/spacing to the next letter. Coloring is standard for a heavier lined font. 

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