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Ronna Penner

Dream Cake

Dream Cake


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Dream Cake is casual in nature and as with all of my fonts, you'll find some quirky little twists to make your type projects interesting. Some cute backstory on the making of this font, "While I was developing this font, my mother kept feeding me something she calls "Dream Cake". This indescribably delicious confection fueled my inspiration (there's nothing like a constant sugar-high to keep you going!) and the result is this cute little font." - Ronna Penner

This font is a UNICASE font, which means it is all one size, and there are no designated uppercase or lowercase sets - it is just one set with mixed upper and lower letters in it, all in one size together. 

  • The benefit to a unicase font: YOU ONLY NEED TO BUY ONE SET! YAY! No more spending dollars on uppercase AND lowercase sets for one font! It's all right here in ONE, awesome set! For more on stamping terms, read this!
  • I would classify this font as "FUN" in my four-point font set classification system. For more on that, check this out:

Dream Cake comes in the following sizes and stamps:

  • 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
  • UNICASE - 26 letters
  • Numbers Set
  • Symbols Set (2) - Exclamation Point, Ampersand
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