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KA Designs

Grateful Cursive

Grateful Cursive


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We love Grateful by KA Designs SO MUCH, we made her CURSIVE set in addition to her HANDWRITTEN set!

In the main photo here, the top cuff is the Grateful Handwritten set, and the bottom cuff is this listing, Grateful CURSIVE.

Grateful Cursive comes in 3.5mm (1/4" shank) and now 5mm, which is on tapered, 5/16" shanks, and is made to stamp in all metals, including stainless steel.

  • This font comes in 3.5mm, 5mm
  • This is a UNICASE font, meaning there are no designated "uppercase" or "lowercase" letters. All of the letters are the same size.
  • Unicase set: 26 letter stamps
  • Numbers set: 10 stamps
  • Flourishes/Swirls set: 6 stamps (NOT sold individually) and only in 3.5mm
  • Symbols set: 5 stamps
  • Alternate letter: r
  • The fonts shown in this photo: Grateful Handwritten on the top cuff, and this font, Grateful Cursive, on the bottom cuff

Individual Symbols and replacement stamps are here: Grateful Cursive Individual Symbols


There is no typeset available for this font any longer.

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