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Amanda Durrant

Mandala - Add On Stamps 7/8mm

Mandala - Add On Stamps 7/8mm


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These new Mandala metal design stamps are perfect additions to our other mandala shapes and designs, or perfect to be used on their own within this set of stamps shown here! Whether you are trying to achieve enlightenment, calm your mind, or take a few moments in silence, our Mandala metal design stamps are just the hand stamping tools you need! Make a cuff with a silent reminder, carry a keychain, or try making a necklace that reaches into your soul and brings you comfort and peace.  This drawing is by Amanda Durrant, and we love the peace it brings to our shop!

  • Design size: 7-8mm
  • Shank size: 3/8"


  1. Follow the guide to be best informed on how to make these mandalas come to life in the size design stamps you need.
  2. Once you understand the basics on which sizes go best with which design, try branching out and getting additional sizes to create truly unique and one of a kind works of art!
  3. The example shows a mandala piece using the 8mm Dreamcatcher! 
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