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Thick and full of personality, Muschamp by International House of Fonts, is a bouncy, free-form alphabet with a gazillion uses! Carefree, playful, rhythmic and versatile, this font evokes plenty of album jackets, children book covers, and cartoon titling from the times that really defined those design expressions and enshrined them as essential pop art.

  • Sizes: 3mm, 4mm
  • Shank sizes: 1/4"
  • Available sets: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Symbols (03)
  • Symbols available: Exclamation Point, Question Mark, Ampersand

My Two Cents:

  • Muschamp is a VERY thick lined font and may be best in soft metals, or stainless for experienced metal stampers. 
  • This font looks best WITHOUT tape!
  • Grab for Muschamp when you have a fun phrase, or a word you really want to POP! 
  • Both uppers and lowers have a TON of personality, so it doesn't matter which case you get if you can only get one!
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