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This fantasy themed font, by Tugcu Design Co, is kinda warlock, kinda D&D, and super for anything sinister! Use it on your Halloween themed designs, anything renaissance, and anything super masculine!

  • Stamp sizes: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
  • Shank sizes: 1/4"
  • Sets: Unicase, Numbers, Alternates (17)

My Two Cents:

  • Mistlock is a thicker lined font than you expect! I had no troubles stamping in stainless steel for 2mm and 3mm. When I got to 4mm it was a little trickier to fill in the letters that the smaller sizes, and 5mm I had to use some of my tricks to work the color into the lines. I would say 5mm is definitely an intermediate stainless steel stamper :) 
  • In my "Four Types of Fonts" blog, I would consider this font MASCULINE. 
  • There are LOTS of alternate letters that I substituted in for regular alphabet letters because I loved how wide they are!
  • This font has a super cool Deco type feel -- super old timey for sure!
  • Due to the straight lines of this font, and how every letter is the same height, Mistlock is best used WITH TAPE.
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