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Amanda Durrant

Mr and Mrs

Mr and Mrs


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Scripty Mr and Mrs are designed and sized to one another, although they are obviously mix and matchable! Expertly designed for your wedding well wishes and ornaments by Amanda Durrant!

The sizing of these stamps works out to be:

  • 12mm Mrs is sized to go with 9mm Mr
  • 8mm Mrs is sized to go with 6mm Mr
  • 5.5mm Mrs is sized to go with the 4mm Mr

The design stamp has the following details:

  • Shank sizes: 1/2", 3/8", 1/4"


  • 12mm Mrs = 3.5mm tall
  • 9mm Mr = 4mm tall
  • 8mm Mrs = 2.5mm tall
  • 6mm Mr = 3mm tall
  • 5.5mm Mrs = 1.5mm tall
  • 4mm Mr = 2mm tall
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