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Sepatik Script, by Bonjour Type, is a warm and decorative hand-lettered font family. It is perfect for weddings, monograms, Christmas ornaments, and so much more! This font is SUPER feminine and a little bit fun, and comes with a TON of alternate letters and flourishes! A font with so much variation means you have the power to make it look different and amazing across all its uses!

  • Font size: *** PLEASE READ MY TWO CENTS
  • Shank size:
  • Sets available: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Symbols (04), Alternate Lowercase 1, Flourishes (12)
  • Symbols available: Exclamation Point, Question Mark, Ampersand, Apostrophe/Comma

My Two Cents:

  • *** IMPORTANT REGARDING SIZING: This font is ENGRAVED and LABELED 5mm and 10mm, HOWEVER *** Because of the way this font is drawn by the foundry, some Uppercase letters are SIGNIFICANTLY larger AND smaller than the engraved/marked stamps. For example, in the 10mm set, the "B" is 8mm, the "C" is 9mm, the "R" is 10.25mm, and the "W" is 11mm. It is imperative you are aware the Uppercase has a HUGE range in sizing for each size listed (5mm, 10mm).
  • The same variation exists for the 5mm Uppercase set.
  • As is standard practice, our LOWERCASE sets are sized to go with their respective Uppercase sets. While the UPPERCASE is ENGRAVED 10mm (please see my notes above about the variation in the sizing among each letter), the LOWERCASE set is approx 7mm, give or take.
  • The "5mm" Uppercase sets puts the lowercase around the 2.5mm-3mm size range, despite its engraving/label marked as 5mm.
  • Sepatik is a FEMININE font that looks best WITHOUT tape.
  • The thin lines of this font make it perfect for all metals in all sizes. All of my examples of this font are in stainless steel!
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