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Thin lined, wide, and fun, Starfish by Kitaleigh is the perfect go-to font for anything funny, funky, or snarky. 

  • Stamp size: 3.5mm, 5.5mm, 7mm
  • Shank size: 1/4", 5/16"
  • Available sets: Uppercase, Lowercase
  • The variations in size from letter to letter are exaggerated intentionally, as intended by the foundry. 
  • The sizing of this font is based on the tallest Uppercase letter (L/F). 
  • The smallest Uppercase letters are (C, U, V, W, Y), which are roughly 1.5mm smaller than the tallest letters. 

My Two Cents: 

  • Starfish is considered a FUN font in my "Four Types of Fonts" blog post!
  • This font looks best WITHOUT tape. 
  • Starfish is a very wide font, so think of the size blanks you usually use when considering which size would work best for your work. 
  • This is a thin lined font, making it PERFECT for any size in any metal. 
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